How to Make a Saline Solution

Saline solution is a sterile mixture of sea salt or common salt and water. It is also called isotonic solution. Saline solution is something every home needs as it has lots of uses in our daily life.saline-solution

For making the solution for medical purposes the salt concentration in water is similar to tears, saliva, blood and other fluids of the body. Saline solution can be used as:

  1. Cleaning agent
  2. Antiseptic
  3. Eye and contact lens care
  4. For wound irrigation
  5. As a preservative
  6. Can be used in sore throats, piercings etc.

There is a very simple process involved in making this amazing solution. It can be made by various ways. Here we describe the preparation of saline solution in step by step way –

1. Buy natural salt – not buy salt which is scented, colored or flavored. These artificial flavors and scents are nothing more than chemicals. We need to make a natural solution which is not irritating and doesn’t act reversely. Make sure saltly is iodine-free and preservative free. You can use sodium chloride tablets instead of salt.

2. Hygiene– always washes your hands with soap and water before making it. Use a clean and small container with small openings.

3. Amount of salt – make sure you are not adding salt in large amount. A normal saline solution should be 0.9% saline. Roughly you should add a half teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. If you are making it in large amount then maintain the same ratio of water and salt as it is. For kids, it should be little less salty and for adults, it may be a little more, but not as much as it starts irritating.

4. Heat the solution – after adding the salt the next step is to heat the solution, heat it for one to two minutes and stir well with a clean spoon. Heat the solution at a point when it becomes hot but not boiling. Always use a clean spoon, don`t use a finger or dirty spoons for the stirring purpose. We need to make a sterile solution which should be hygienic. Stirring will dissolve the salt thoroughly. Use a lid to cover the container, without lid water may evaporate and the solution becomes more saline.

5. Use the solution – use the solution when it is not hot, normalized the temperature of the solution. This saline solution is not for open wounds. It can be used for cleaning the infectious and swellings area. It is very effective for closed wounds but must use many times. Saline water may take weeks to show the results. For sore throat gargle with this solution but don`t ingest solution, although ingestion is not harmful.

Make this solution on a daily basis if you want to keep away from any types of bacteria. Throw away the left solution if it grows cloudy or dirty. You can keep this solution for a maximum of 24 hours.

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