How to Have Sex Last Longer in Bed

The bedroom is probably the place where men don`t want to finish first before their women and it is also not fun for any of you. More than 45% of men last in less than 2 minutes which is quite awkward feeling for women. Premature ejaculation is often a psychological and can control by some

Women often last longer in bed and their normal timing is 11-12 minutes while for guys it is about 5-6 minutes, however, if you are satisfied with your marriage life then sex is not a big issue between you two, you should not worry about it. Common causes of premature ejaculations are long time since last ejaculation, psychological causes such as anxiety, guilt or depression. It may also occur with new partner. With sexual experience and age, men often learn to delay orgasm. However, if you are unable to do so here are some ways with help of which you can delay your orgasm and increase your time in bed.

1. Masturbate before you come in war zone 
Ejaculating an hour or two will delay your time to come quickly. Having sex without masturbating is like going out there with a loaded gun.

2. Enjoy foreplay 
Foreplay is most enjoyable part of the sex. If it is done right, half of your work is done. It greatly increases the duration and pleasure of sex.

3. Start slowly 
According to Kamasutra delaying ejaculations basically, comes down to train yourself to last longer. Men should start slowly with no faster ins and outs. He should stop himself when he feels like he is going to come. Sex at a slower pace creates more connection between two people. Caress her and explore rest of her body. Enjoy the whole process before you reach your destination.

4. Distract yourself 
During sex, don`t only concentrate towards the whole enjoyment, for last longing, you should distract your mind with something else, such as your work, games etc. Distracting yourself will slow down your heart rate and delay in coming.

5. Change things up 
When you are going close to the edge, stop yourself, try teasing her. Leave the normal ins and outs play with her. Make her time valuable let her enjoy with your body and you should enjoy hers.

6. Try exercises 
Squeeze your muscles, doing exercises with your make muscles feels you with mental confidence and increase your time during sex. Try kegel exercises and rain yourself.

7. Squeeze your part 
Squeeze head of the penis for 10-20 seconds before ejaculation. Stop just before ejaculation and take a deep breath before resuming.

8. Use condoms and talk with your partner 
Use thick condoms during intercourse helps to decrease sensation and delay ejaculation. Give priority to a safer sex. Talk about your experience with your partner and be supportive for them also.

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