8 Tips to Increase your Sperm Count

The only thing which men give to their women for making baby is sperm. A mother, later on, takes care of that and then gives birth to baby after nine months. Life can’t continue without it but in present time the quality of sperms is worse and less than 50 years ago.sperm-count

The thing matter is not only sperm count but also the motility and shape of the sperm. Sperms are the indicator of baby-making capabilities and reproductive ability. Nowadays more couples are unable to have parenthood and in 40% of cases father is responsible. This can be due to the result of our poor choices of food, use of lots of pesticides, plastics, therapeutics and chemicals. Here are some tips which may help you to get good amount and healthy sperms.

1. Avoid Plastic
Avoid plastic use and canned food items as they contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which is concerned for decreasing sperm count.

2. Bath herbal and avoid harmful chemicals
Using lot of soaps and shampoo is also accounted for less sperms. Many Chemicals can get into our endocrine system. Be organic as more as you can. It can result in spending more money on these things but being a good father worth it.

3. Stop smoking and drinking
Smoking and drinking always have a bad impact on our health no matter of what we are talking about. It’s better to use that time in exercising.

4. Avoid stress and tensions from your life
Use your time doing something productive, invest your time on thing which really matters, stress decrease the amount of testosterone in body and result in less sperms and less romantic dad.

5. Watch less television, use less internet and other electronic gadgets
These all gadgets internet, wifi and networks emit radiations which are harmful to sperm count and quality.

6. Hit gym and lose your weight
People who do exercise have more sperm density and they enjoy sex more than who don’t do, being obese can make you infertile.

7. Have more sex and masturbation
Sperm count increase when they are in use, testicles form new sperms when old ones are out. Masturbation doesn’t have any bad effect on it. Masturbation can less your stress if done in adequate amount and you don’t have to feel bad for it. We are human and humans masturbate.

8. Eat healthy diet 
There should be more fruits and healthy fats in your diet in place of carbohydrates and other junk foods. Be a man, have strong will power to leave these tasty packs of carbohydrates and high energy. Fruits are not less tasty although.
Eat dark chocolate, garlic, bananas, walnuts, asparagus and vegetables as These things will be your best friends when it comes to increase your sperm counts and satisfied sex life.
Take zinc, vitamin-e, and other food supplements but not steroids. Steroids only increase size of your muscles but it has bad effects on sperm count and quality.

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