How to Stop Dizziness

Dizziness is a common feeling of unbalanced, woozy or lightheaded. It can also be referred to fainting. It affects our sensory organs like eyes and ears. It is not a disease in itself instead it is a symptom of other diseases.dizziness

We all feel dizziness sometimes at some situations. It is a sense in which we feel like everything in the surround is spinning. However, it doesn’t represent any life threatening, serious conditions and there are some home remedies which help us in such situations. Some of the important home remedies are described below, which we can use to stop dizziness:

Solve Psychological Health 
Psychological problems like stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons for dizziness. They cause changes in our hormones level. Phobias and panic attacks also cause dizziness. If your life is full of such stresses, resolve your problems. Communicate with others, solve your relationships, if it is related to your job, and get a solution with talking to your boss. Most of the psychological problems can go away by having a happy family, communicate with your family members very often. Talk with your better half, your husband, wife, friends, etc. Meditation, yoga, deep breath practices are also very helpful in stress relieving.

Move Slowly
If you are more prone to dizziness, try to avoid heavy or fast works. The main reason of dizziness is lack or excess of oxygen in the body. When you are doing something, take more time and move slowly. Avoid any sudden moves. Take help of someone, break the work into some steps and then do it.

Drink Water
Lack of water in the body is also a common cause for dizziness. When we don’t drink enough water our blood gets thicker and it supplies less oxygen to the body parts which lead to dizziness. Water maintains the vital functions of the body like heat, circulation, excretion, etc. we should drink 64 ounces of water every day, it should increase if we are living in a hot environment or physically more active. We should avoid diuretics like coffee, alcohol or any soda drinks.

Eat something to Increase Body Sugar Level
Low level of sugar in the blood is also a reason for dizziness. Our brain needs a good amount of glucose to function properly. Eat something which is easy to digest like banana or berries. Honey, bread, fruit juices are also some good options.

Deep Breathes
Improper breathing can also be a reason for dizziness. Deep breathing is helpful in such situations. Try to deep breath in your free time. It is more efficient to do such exercises in the morning when the air is free of harmful chemicals and gasses. Such exercises will also give us relief from anxiety and stress.

Sleep and Rest
Sleeping for 7-8 hours in a quality environment, without any disturbances are also necessary for well-being. The poor sleeping pattern can lead to hypertension, stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Avoid caffeine and computer before going to sleep. A good sleep gives rest to our body and mind and keeps us away from the doctor. Drinking milk before going to bed is good for health and sleep.

Avoid any Head Injury
Keep your safety ahead. Consider wearing helmets and seat belts while driving a motorcycle or car respectively. Head traumas in past can give us frequent dizziness. Head injuries take more time to heal and are more severe.

Most of the medicines have dizziness as a potential side effect. For some medications like blood pressure medicines, diuretics, tranquilizers, pain relievers can cause dizziness more often. Consult with your doctor for such situations.

Get Medical Checkup
Blood and physical check up are helpful in finding a reason for dizziness. Consider a medical checkup if the reason for your dizziness is unknown.

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