How to Stop Snoring

45 percent of people snores and just about everyone snores occasionally. But frequent and regular snoring can affect your quantity and quality of sleep of you and your partner or family as well.snore

Snoring is caused by relaxation of muscles of upper respiratory tract. It happens when you are in dream sleep. The tissues of the throat partially block the airway and vibrate as air passes. This is what causes snoring sound. As airway gets narrower, the snoring sound increases. There are other factors also which led to snoring- alcohol consumption, obesity, age and many more. There are some tips and techniques which can help you to eliminate snoring-

1. Change your sleeping position 
Sleeping on your back is most suitable position that can cause snoring. Sleep on your side and place a full-size pillow behind your back. It helps a lot to maintain your sleep.
Tap a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas so to avoid rolling on your back.

2. Elevate your head 
Elevate your head 4 inches, it can help to take pressure off the airway and may ease the breathing. Don’t keep your head too high, it can also cause snoring.

3. Open nasal passage 
If your nose is close or obstructed due to cold then the air passing produce snoring. Keep your nose clean and unobstructed. Take warm water shower before sleeping.
Try nasal strips to widen your nostrils.

4. Maintain your weight 
If you are obese then extra weight around the neck can cause the throat to narrow when you lay down. Reduce your weight to normal and maintain it.

5. Exercises 
Do regular exercises to tone your muscles. Make your muscles of tongue and throat strong to reduce the snore.

  • Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth and then slide the tongue backward. Do this exercise three minutes a day.
  • Try putting your lower and upper molar together gently. And other exercises.

6. Limit or avoid alcohol 
Alcohol consumption and sedative medications increase your muscles relaxations which led to snoring. So avoid alcohol consumption 2-3 hours before going to bed.
Quit smoking -Smoking irritates your airways, contributes to snoring.
Take a good night sleep.
Don’t take heavy meals in dinner.

If you have tried all the home solution and did not control your snoring then visit your doctors. There are several medical types of equipment and surgical procedures that can help to eliminate snoring.

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