How Excess Amount of Sugar Intake Can Affect Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is responsible for the development of masculine character and many other physiological characters. Testosterone is the most vital hormone that influences our sex life so every male wants to increase their testosterone level.sugar-testosterone-level

Research found that after taking a certain amount of sugar the testosterone level goes down. The reason is that after taking sugar the body secretes insulin which is an endocrine hormone responsible for lowering the sugar level and it also decreases the level of testosterone.

In a scientific study, it was found that on an average every person takes 12 spoons of raw sugar every day for increasing the taste only. The people who take less or no raw sugar are found to have higher level of testosterone than who take raw sugar regularly.

The reason for which we take raw sugar is for increasing the taste of our food that we eat. The other reason is our psychological attachment for the sugar. When we take sugar our brain activates the secretion of dopamine and opioid which is responsible for psychological attachment.

Many of us want to cut off the amount of sugar intake and many of us are even successful in that but in that case, we also need to stop the intake of soft drink and food added with added sugar.

Scientific studies found that a person with a low level of testosterone is provided with a diet containing a low amount of sugar for a certain period of time and it results in the increase of testosterone level in the body.

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