What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Over the course of women’s lifetime, she experiences changes in breasts with age and in different time of month. It’s important for you to know that how breast normally looks so that you can easily find out if there is something unusual. Breast cancer is most common form of cancer among women. Most breast cancer is discovered by the women herself by noticing the symptoms. Here are the symptoms you will notice at the first stage. breast-cancer

1. Lumps 
Lumps are the most common and first sign of breast cancer. If the lumps feel harder or different from rest of the breast, irregular in shape, firm or solid to touch and often painless then it may be the sign breast cancer. Most of the breast lumps are fluid filled cysts which are benign.

2. Change in shape and size 
Breast size may change after pregnancy, with age in normal situations. But if you feel that one breast has become larger than another, then you should definitely visit the doctor.

3. Redness and rashes 
Another symptom is rashes and redness around nipple area or on the nipple. The rashes can be itchy.

4. Skin dimpling 
There is change in skin texture including dimpling or puckering, which looks like orange peel. The tumor is formed near the skin; it essentially pulls the skin in and looks like dimple and it often occurs near the bottom of the breast. Distortion of the breast can be the early sign of cancer even before lumps can be felt. It is recommended to do a thorough examination of yourself in front of the mirror.

5. Swelling in the armpit 
Breast cancer first spread to lymph nodes in the armpits. If this occurs then you will develop swelling under your armpit and up to the collarbone.

6. Nipple discharge 
Liquid leaking from your nipple without squeezing it then it can be the concern for breast cancer. The fluid can be bloody or clear but not milky. Though it is rare but it is seen in women.

7. Inverted nipple 
Some people have normally inverted nipple. But if you’re suddenly noticing that your nipple is pulling inwards or changes its position or shape then it may be the symptom of breast cancer.

8. Breast pain
Some breast cancers do cause breast pain. Most healthy women also feel pain in breasts during periods or before periods but if you feel constant, dull pain at specific area and your breast are also swollen then it can be cancer.

Tips for Prevention

  • Do regular exercise it may reduce the chances of breast cancer.
  • Don’t get obese or overweight after your menopause.
  • Get regular checkup and if you have family history of the disease then tell the doctor.
  • Knowing the sign and symptoms is the best way to protect yourself.
  • The earlier the breast cancer is found, the better the chance of treating it.
  • If you have any of these symptoms then please consult your doctor.

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