Best Diet Tips for Typhoid Patients

Typhoid is an infectious disease caused by bacteria called Salmonella typhi. It is a serious health problem around the globe. Typhoid is spread when person drinks or eats food and water contaminated by the infected person stool or urine.typhoid-diet

Typhoid takes long to recover so, proper diet and medication are important for fully recovery and returning to normal health.

For typhoid patient protein, high energetic and fluid diet is recommended. You should have small meals frequently.

Your diet should have high content of proteins like from eggs and dairy products. Meat, fish, poultry are avoided for few weeks because they are high in fat and not easily digestible.

Try to increase your fluid intake to maintain the electrolyte and water balance. Fluids like coconut water, lime water, electrolyte water, fruit juice, soups should be consumed.

The patient has low appetite during typhoid so semi-liquid or liquid diet is suggested. As patient’s appetite get better semi- solid food can be given like Boiled rice, Porridge, Mashed potatoes, Fruit custard, Rice with yogurt, Soft boiled egg, Soft cooked vegetables and Lentils

Fruits like banana, grapes, apricots, watermelon should be added gradually.

Add vitamin A, B, C to the diet because it helps in recovering.

Typhoid diet restrictions

  • Spicy and oily foods are strictly avoided.
  • Avoid fat in food because they are not easily digested.
  • Avoid high fiber food like whole grain (cereals, oatmeal, and whole wheat bread), salads because your digestive system is weak.
  • Fermented pulses and semi cooked foods should be avoided.
  • Avoid food that can cause bloating and gas like cabbage, jackfruit and many more.

Additional tips

  • Wash your hand properly with soap and clean water.
  • Avoid street foods.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits with clean water before eating it.
  • Drink boiled water and store it in clean container.
  • If you are recovering from typhoid, take proper medications.

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