Why Sometimes We Always Feel Hungry

Sometimes we always feel hungry; we are in search of snacks after every short interval of time. Sometimes it is normal because our physiological system needs a huge amount of energy such as during pregnancy, heavy workout, and many other situations.hungry-girl

But many times we feel hungry frequently without any such physiological energy requirement; this is due to excessive stress, less sleep during night and sometimes due to several pathological problems which occur inside our body. Here some basic reasons are discussed why we always feel hungry –

1. Dehydration 
When our body gets shortage of water or our body is dehydrated then our nutrient requirement gets higher. When we feel hungry then by drinking a glass of water decrease our appetite for a quite long interval of time, so a glass of water makes us avoid the extra calories.

2. Bad night Sleep 
When we have less sleep during night then in our body the level of ghrelin gets increased, a hormone that stimulates our appetite, as a result, we feel hungry.

3. Large amount of carbohydrate intake 
Food containing huge amount of carbohydrate make our physiological system with more in taking capacity and so we feel hungry frequently.

4. Fast eating habit 
Psychologically it is found that when we eat fast our mind sometimes is not satisfied and after few hours we feel hungry again. When we eat slowly, chewing all the food then our brain gets satisfied and we don’t feel hungry frequently.

5. Excessive Stress 
When we are in stress or having excessive work load then we don’t concentrate consciously on the meal which we take and our brain feels hungry after every short interval of time.

6. Less Protein Intake 
Protein make us feel full for a long period of time and this makes us less hungry and results in fewer calories intake.

7. Skipping meals 
When we skip meals then our body psychologically demands more energy for rest of the day and we are prone to hunger frequently.

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