How Consumption of Zinc Affects the Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which is responsible for the development of masculine character and many other physiological characters. Testosterone is the most vital hormone that influences our sex life so every male wants to increase their testosterone

Zinc is one of most important element which is responsible for the testosterone production in male. By taking food containing high quantity of zinc or zinc supplement for one to two months helps to increase the testosterone amount for those whose level of testosterone is low. Research found that zinc intake helps to maintain the normal physiologic level of testosterone and when we have less intake of zinc than the required amount then the testosterone level goes down quickly.

According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, it is concluded that nearly 50% of men above age 60 who suffers from low testosterone level and the main cause is zinc deficiency in diet. In many of these cases, health expert provides the zinc supplement.

The foods that are enriched with zinc are fish, meat, raw milk and milk products like curd, yogurt and many others. Vegetarians get less quantity. The modern methods of chemical agriculture with fertilizer and pesticides depress the zinc quantity in vegetables so zinc supplement is required with our diet as if in many cases it is required to maintain the normal physiological quantity of testosterone.

In many of the cases when we cook food many nutrients get destroyed due to the way of cooking like cooking for a long interval of time, cooking in high flame, sometimes combination of some food with other can also destroy some essential substances in the food including zinc.

If we have decided to take zinc supplement then the amount should be 40 mg per day. If the intake amount gets more then it will depress the intake of other elements, especially copper which will result in symptoms like nausea and vomiting. So it is very important to maintain the normal zinc intake.

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