How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a free program developed by Google as a money making source. Among all Adsense programs available Google Adsense is the best and also is the highest paid Adsense program. Although it seems very easy to earn from Google Adsense bu actually it needs a lot of work and patience to earn a good amount of money.


To earn money from Google Adsense you fir

st need to have your own website or blog.

Start a Blog or Website 
There are many free hosting platforms where you can create your own website or Blog. The free hosting platforms also give you many themes for your blog or website. But free platforms are not suggested. Invest some money and buy a domain a hosting place to host your website. There are many platforms like WordPress or which gives you ready-made website. There are thousands of themes available of which you can choose anyone.
Read How to Start a Blog for more.

Creating Content 
Getting approved by Google Adsense is not that easy. You need to create some quality content for your website. Before applying for Google Adsense you must create at least 20-30 quality post. Remember your post should be such that Google can trust your website.

Applying For Google Adsense
Once you have created good quality contents for your website, your next job is to sign in for Google Adsense and apply for your website. Before doing this please build Privacy Policy, About Us and Contact Us page of your website. Once you have done this go to Join Adsense and apply your website for approval. Once your site is approved by them you need to include a code provided by them in your main index page to activate your account. It will take 3-4 days to activate your account. Once your account is activated start placing ads on your site and earn money from them.

Some Suggestion 

  • It’s not so easy to earn money by just telling your friends and relatives to click your ads. Don’t do this. Because Google is very strict about these matters. If they find any unusual click in the ads your account can be suspended. And remember once suspended it’s almost impossible to reactivate your AdSense account.
  • Always aim to build quality contents rather than thinking of only earning money.
  • Never give too many ads on your page. This can lead to ruin your page traffic.

Tips to earn good amount from Adsense To earn good amount of money you need to follow some of these tips.

  • Build Traffic– A good traffic is a must for every successful website. So always aim to get a good amount of traffic. This will increase your income from Adsense.
  • Ad Optimization– Placing right ad size at the right place is important for increasing your income. So always experiment with different size, color and place ads.

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