How to Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for video watching and sharing. A huge number of people earns a good amount of money from YouTube. But earning money is not usually achieved in the traditional manner. The myth of earning money goes like this: Post video, get some subscriber and you are earning many

But this is not true. To earn money via YouTube, you need to make good quantity of quality videos, advertise your channel and attract subscribers.

Here are some ways to earn money by YouTube.

1. Monetize your videos 
YouTube Partner Program allows you to earn money. Create some awesome videos and then join The YouTube Partner Program. Enable your channel for monetization. If you have a huge number of viewers you can earn huge money.

2. Advertise your products on YouTube 
Promoting your product by making advertising on YouTube can increase your product sale. YouTube is a free platform, so you don’t have to pay for publishing the advertisement.

3. Earn money by becoming affiliate marketer 
Selling other’s product and earning some commission from it is called Affiliate marketing. You can be an affiliate marketer by making videos on different products and then sell them. There are thousands of affiliate marketing companies like ClickBank, Commission Junction, and

4. Use YouTube to increase traffic of your website or Blog 
You may own a website or blog by which you earn money. You can increase website traffic by making videos related to your website and publishing them on YouTube.

5. Create a Web TV series 
Nowadays, online web series are very common. You can create your own drama, comedy, romance, thriller series. You can expect a huge number of viewers. You can also use YouTube as a platform for promoting premium web series.

6. Create Tutorials 
Creating tutorials on health, lifestyle, coding, yoga, education etc can attract many subscribers. Also, YouTube can be used to promote your tutorial series. If you create a good promo you can attract many customers.

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