How to Earn Money from Your Website

If you are having your website and thinking of earning money then start now. There are thousands of websites who are earning more than US $ 1000 from their

Here are some ways to earn money online from your website-

1. Adsense
Publishing advertisement on your website will help you earn a significant amount of money. But also you need a good amount of visitor for earning a good amount. There are many companies who help you to publish advertisements in your website. Google Adsense is the best platform for that. Other popular AdSense programs are infolinksmedia.netChitikaBidadvertiserclicksor etc. All these are great platforms. But try to get Google Adsense because that is the best one. One suggestion always uses contextual ads. Never use any pop-ups ads or anything like that because that will reduce your website traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Helping some e-commerce sites to sell their product will help you to earn a good amount of money. But this is not always a healthy process. Because unless you sell anything you will not earn money. But trust me if you are able to sell anything you will earn great money. You need a very good amount of visitor for your website for this.
Here are some popular affiliate marketing programs- Amazon associatesGoogle affiliate NetworkLinkShareCj affiliateClickBank etc.

3. Selling products
Well selling some types of products can help you to earn money. Suppose your website is based on Fashion and beauty then you can sell some makeup products or any fashionable dresses etc. If you are having a blogging website then you can sell eBooks. You can also sell magazines on your website. You can sell courses, tutorials or conduct live training or any workshop etc.

4. Selling ebook
Well I am giving importance to this because many websites are using this as a source of money making. Try to publish ebooks related to your website. Like for a website about health and fitness you can publish books on diet, nutrition etc.

5. Publishing Newsletter 
Many websites publishes newsletter on a regular interval. Weekly or monthly newsletters are a good source of money making. I will suggest you to create two versions of newsletter one free version and another premium version. This will help you to increase your website visitor as well as income.

6. Sell your website
Well this will ofcourse be very profitable if you have a well-reputed website. So first buy a domain and then develop it to a good website and then sell it. You will earn 10 times or even more on want you spent for your website. There are many online platforms where you can sell your website.

7. Donation
If your website is about any non-profit organization or if you are providing any free service then you can request others to donate to your website. There are many good people in this world who will help you.

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