How to Earn Online: Top 10 Online Money Making Process

Money is always a great need to in this vast changing world. And one way to earn money is present in this internet world. There are millions of blogs, suggestions and offers available who claim to make you rich. But in actual, it’s not so easy. If you need to earn 1000$ per month then for that you have work more. And of course, you have to choose a genuine method to earn money online.earn-online

Here are some lists of earning money online.

Google Adsense
Earning money from Google Adsense
Well earning money from Adsense is not an easy task but also not impossible. And also this feature will give you the maximum money. You must have seen small ads in different websites or blogs placed in the corner. Actually, these ads are placed by some company with the help of Google Adword. And if you click any of these ads the website owner will be paid money for that. Actually, you can also earn money by posting similar type of ads in your website or blog. Money is given on the basis of CTR (Click through rate). If your website is getting a good amount of visitor you can earn actually earn 100$ per day or even more.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn money by selling products sold by big companies. There are many online shopping websites which will give ads of their products on your blog/ website. If anybody buys anything from your site then you will be paid a percentage of that.
Steps to start Affiliate marketing-
1. First, you need to have a blog or website owned by you.
2. Then choose a product or type of product you want to sell.
3. Then you need to sign up for any affiliate program. I am listing some of the websites which have the affiliate program.

Publishing Books
If you have good writing skill then you can earn money by simply writing books. There are hundreds of website which publishes books at free of cost. Once a book is sold you will be paid a percentage of that book. Well, Amazon is the largest online book selling shop in the world. Kindle is a part of Amazon which publishes and sells eBook online. Read my blog How to make money from kindleThere is other websites too like Lulu.

Selling Domain
For selling domain first, you have to own a domain. Many people do this business. Though this is not always possible but if it is possible then you can earn huge money. What you have to do is buy domain then make it somehow a popular website by giving advertisement and updating the website at a regular interval. Then after that, you can sell that domain at 10 times or more price of what you invested.

Becoming a Freelancer
Working as a freelancer is another very good source of earning money. You can join any freelancer website and start doing jobs like data entry, blog writing, data analyzing, coding etc.

Becoming a Tutor online 
If you have special knowledge in some field then you can share that knowledge with somebody and can earn money. You have to make videos about any skill and then upload to websites given below. Make a full course on any subject and upload. Another type is to become an online tutor and teach somebody online.
List of websites-

  • Skillshare – Here you can upload any course and can earn money as per the number of subscribers.
  • Teachable– Here also you can publish your course and earn money.
  • Tutor – Here you can work as a tutor and earn money.

Selling Photographs, Paintings, Music, Sculpture 
Everybody has some talent in this world. If you have talent in painting, photography, music then you can sell them online. There are hundreds of website which sells music,painting,photography etc. Here is some lists of popular place to sell you product.

PTC Sites
PTC site means paid to click sites. These websites actually share some money with you for clicking ads. All you need to do is to open an account in these websites and start clicking the ads. Remember this type of website doesn’t let you earn huge money. Some examples are Clixsense ,Wordlinx etc.

GPT Sites
GPT (Get Paid To) sites ask you to perform particular task liking taking small surveys, watching videos, playing games etc. Some examples are ClixsenseCashrate.

Micro Working
If you are interested in doing small jobs and then earning money then this is the perfect place. Here you can work like commenting in article, rating something, visiting any website etc. Some examples for Micro working are mTurk ,Clickworkers etc.

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