How to Make money From Kindle

kindle-bookWell amazon is the largest online book selling shop in the world. Kindle is a part of amazon which publishes and sells eBook online. So if you are good at writing then this is the place for earning money. Well I myself have been earning money from kindle for quite a long time.
Steps to publish book in Kindle-
All you need to is to open a account in Kindle .
Write a book of yourself and publish it.
Choosing a topic for writing book-
After analyzing every type of book I am listing some type of book which is viewed most.
1. Thriller & Mystery (mostly Crime based story get more attention).
2. Romance- Romantic novel are very much popular these days.
3. Business books- Books based on entrepreneurship, business plan gets more attention.
4. Book with title ‘How to do this’ or’step to this and that’ are more popular.

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