Topographic Anatomy of Head

Head is the most superior part in human body. The border between head and neck is a line drawn on the anatomical structure, the following points which are identified as the border between head and neck are – head-anatomy

  • Mental protuberance (protuberantia mentalis)
  • Inferior margin of the mandible
  • Angle of the mandible
  • Mastoid process
  • Posterior margin of the mastoid process
  • Superior nuchal line
  • External occipital protuberance

The head is studied into two departments, cerebral ad facial departments, the border between cerebral and facial departments is the line drawn from the following anatomical structures –

  • Zygomatic process of the frontal bone
  • Frontal process of the zygomatic bone
  • Zygomatic arch
  • External acoustic meatus
  • Anterior margin of mastoid process
  • Apex of the mastoid process

Anatomically cerebral part of the head is divided into three regions – Fronto-parietooccipital region, Temporal region, Mastoid region.

Cranial Index
It is the ratio of the maximum width of the head multiplies by 100 divided by its maximum length. The width is the distance between the parietal tubera. The length is the distance between the nose and the external occipital protuberance.
The cranial index 74.9 and less is dolichocephalic (long headed); between 75 – 79.9 is mesocephalic (medium head); 80 and more is brachycephalic (round headed).

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