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How does a CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamp Works?

CFL bulbs are more energy efficient and have become cheaper with time. Just like any other fluorescent lamp, CFL works on the same principle of ionization of gases. ....Read More

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most important foods for people who are dieting. Yogurt has many health benefits in our body. ....Read More

Blood and Its Composition

Blood acts a transporting medium in our body. The main composition of blood is Plasma, RBC,WBC, and Platelets. ....Read More

What to Talk About With a Girl

Talking with a girl and making a good impression in front of them is not so tough. Here are some tips what to talk with girls and make a good impression. ....Read More

6 Best Abs Exercises for Women

Looking better with abs is what many women want to have. Here are some exercises for your shape up and for abs. ....Read More

Influenza: How It Happens and Effects Us?

Influenza is caused by RNA-virus which is characterized by very high capacity to spontaneous mutations. Here is how it happens and effects use. ....Read More

Top Video Editing Software

The best video editing softwares are decided by their high performance and features. Here are some top video editing softwares. ....Read More

How to be a Good Father

Fatherhood is a wonderful feeling if you start enjoying it. Here we have some tips for how to a great father and make your kid happy.....Read More

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Most of our body is regulated by amount of water we are drinking, our hormone levels, physical health and even mental health. See the health benefits of water.....Read More

What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin is a virtual electronic currency. Know what is bitcoin and how bitcoin works as a virtual money. ....Read More

How to Stop Snoring

Frequent and regular snoring can affect your quantity and quality of sleep. Follow these steps to stop snoring and sleep peacefully.....Read More

How Paper is Made

We all know paper very well as we use it in our daily life. Learn the complete process how paper is made.....Read More

How to Overcome Facebook Addiction

Spending too much time on Facebook kills our productivity and creativity. Here are some tips to overcome Facebook addiction. ....Read More

Foods Help to Gain Weight Naturally

Gaining healthy weight is much more difficult than losing weight. Here is a list of foods which can help you to gain extra healthy weight. ....Read More

What is Collapse? Symptoms and Treatment

Collapse is an acute form of a vascular deficiency which is characterized by falling of vessels tonus and decrease of the volume of circulating blood.....Read More

9 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

It is good to eat dark chocolate inadequate amount. Here are the reasons why should start eating dark chocolate.....Read More

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the problem of most of the women and it's tougher to get rid of them. Try these ways to get rid of your stretch marks.....Read More

How to be a Good Parent

Parenting is one of the toughest and one of the best job of all. To be a good parent you need to grow some qualities.....Read More

What is Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)?

Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy is the voluntary termination of pregnancy before the full term. Abortion is misused in many ways.....Read More

Top Hidden Facts about Deep Web

Deep web cannot be accessed by simple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. TOR is used to access deep web. Here are some facts about deep web.....Read More

Different Types of Vaccines

Vaccines are prepared prepare the immune system to fight against particular diseases. There are different types of vaccines available. ....Read More

How to Cure Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia or Sleeplessness happens when you have sleeping problem. Here are some natural ways to cure insomnia without medication. ....Read More

Hepatitis A: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Preventions

Hepatitis A is an infectious disease of liver which can be transmitted through fecal-oral route or by human to human. Symptoms of Hepatitis- A can be many. ....Read More

7 Reasons to Avoid Excessive Caffeine

Drinks like tea, coffee, soft-drinks contain caffeine. Here are some reasons why you should avoid excessive caffeine. ....Read More

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. Here is the complete way to make money online with affiliate marketing.....Read More

How to Deal with Loneliness

Loneliness makes us sad and unhappy. Here are some positive advice which can help you fight and deal with loneliness. ....Read More

10 Health Benefits of Apple

Apple has many health benefits as it contains full of vitamins, minerals, organic compounds and nutrients.....Read More

How to Get Over a Breakup

Breakup is painful and everyone wants to get over it. These ways may help you to get over a breakup and also forget your bad relationship. ....Read More

Health Benefits of Exercise

Everyone has health has benefits from exercise and workout. Here are some ways how exercise and workout can give a better healthy lifestyle.....Read More

How to Increase Testosterone by HIIT

Testosterone influences our sex life so every male wants to increase their testosterone level. HIIT or High-intensity exercise can be done to increase testosterone level.....Read More

Cytoplasmic Inheritance and Extranuclear Genes

Cytoplasmic inheritance or extranuclear inhertitance is the transfer of extranuclear genes or cytoplasmic genes from one generation to other by cytoplasm. ....Read More

How to Earn Money by Freelancing

Start working from home and earn money by freelancer. Learn here how to be a successful freelancer and earn money from it. ....Read More

Altitude Sickness: Symptoms and Remedies

Altitude Sickness occurs when we travel from plane land to higher altitudes like mountains. Here are the causes, symptoms and remedies of altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness.....Read More

Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

Stomach ache is a common problem of almost all the people. Here we have some home remedies for quick relief from stomach ache. ....Read More

How Do Airplanes Fly?

So how do airplanes fly? The two forces called lift and thrust opposing gravity and drag results in airplane flying.....Read More

How to Have Sex Last Longer in Bed

With sexual experience and age, men often learn to last long in bed. If you are unable to last long in bed follow these steps to delay your orgasm and increase your time in bed. ....Read More

How to Overcome Exam Fear

You should learn to overcome your fear and anxiety so that it should not affect your exam. Here are some tips to overcome the stress and fear for exam. ....Read More

How Plastic is Made

The main unit of plastic is carbon which is tetravalent and makes bonds with for other elements like oxygen, chlorine, sulfur, hydrogen, or nitrogen. ....Read More

What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Most breast cancer is discovered by the women herself by noticing the symptoms. Here are the symptoms you will notice at the first stage.....Read More

How to Write a Business Plan? Bplan Guide

If you are thinking of starting your own Start-up then first develop a well designed BPlan. Here are the procedures to create a good BPlan. ....Read More

How to Control Your Anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion but it's important to deal with it in positive ways. Here we have some tips and techniques to manage and control your anger.....Read More

Acute Blood Loss: Its Symptoms and Consequences

The volume of loss of blood is considered deadly when the person loses a half of all circulating blood. The second important factor which defines reaction of the organism to loss of blood is the speed by which the person loses blood. ....Read More

Top Free Media Players for Windows

There are hundreds of media players available of which only few which are free, easy-to-use, efficient and supports almost all media formats are listed here.....Read More

How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water?

Water intake increases the rate of metabolism in our body, so let's see how water can help us decrease our weight. ....Read More

Why People Snore?

Snoring is clinical sign of disruptive sleeping which can lead to deprived sleeping. There are lots of causes for snoring but the most well-known reason is obstructed airways through which air enters in our lungs.....Read More

Why Jaipur is Called the Pink City

Jaipur is the capital of India's largest state called Rajasthan. Jaipur got this title because the forts, houses and many historical places are painted pink in the year 1876. ....Read More

9 Risks Every Entrepreneur Can Face

Risk is the main reason why maximum entrepreneurs fail. Here are some common risks which you must know if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. ....Read More

How to Treat Heartburn? Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn is a form of uncomfortable indigestion causing burning sensation in chest and may rise to the throat. Here are some best home remedies to try for heartburn relief. ....Read More

Life after Death: The Philosophy of Buddhism on Life after Death

Buddhism considers that after death one person is again reborn into a different physical body or enters nirvana. According to the philosophy of Buddhism only Buddhas can achieve nirvana.....Read More

How Beer is Made

Beer is the oldest and most consumed alcoholic drink. Brewing is the process of making beer. Raw materials for making beer are available widely which mainly consists of barley. ....Read More

Biological Agents behind Sepsis: Pathogenesis of Sepsis

Extremely important factors which influence the development of sepsis are the condition of the organism of the patient, the condition of primary and secondary centers of an infection, expressiveness, and duration of intoxication, the condition of the immune system of the organism. ....Read More

How DNS (Domain Name System) Works?

DNS or Domain Name System is the intermediate part of the internet used to locate the numerical IP address of the website which you are searching under some set of network protocols.....Read More

How to Treat Your Girlfriend?

Sometimes love is the only thing which can give meaning to our lives. Here is a list of ways through which you can strengthen your relationship and move yourself to a relationship which can motivate you. ....Read More

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and delicate phase of a women's life. Here is a list of the foods you should avoid or minimize during pregnancy. ....Read More

How CCTV Works?

CCTV is a camera used for surveillance or any private purpose. CCTV systems have become extremely popular as the technology has improved and also has become more affordable. ....Read More

Best Firewall Protection Software in the Internet

Here are some best firewall softwares which give you protection from latest threats and also allows to use different software in your PC safely.....Read More

How Stress Affect the Level of Testosterone

Recent researches found that stress reduces the level of testosterone in the human body. During stress, a hormone called cortisol is released in the body.....Read More

How to get Beautiful Skin? Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

Good skin is related to the nutrients that play important role in complexion is vitamins. Here are some important vitamins and how to include them in diet.....Read More

How Secure is Your Password? Tips to Give a Strong Password

Here are the tips for getting a password of good strength and checking how secure is your password.....Read More

How to Start Your Own Business?

A proper plan is required for making your start-up a successful business. Here are some steps to start a new business. ....Read More

How LED (Light Emitting Diode) Works?

LED or Light Emitting Diode is actually a PN junction diode made of semiconductors. When current starts flowing through the diode and produces energy by emitting photon particles which result in producing light.....Read More

Neisseria Bacteria and It's Diseases

Neisseria are the small, rounded, gram-negative, aerobic bacteria. They are non-motile and non-sporulating. Gonorrhea and meningitis are the two main diseases caused by the two members of this genus named Neisseria.....Read More

How to Secure Your WiFi Network?

Proper security measures for surfing safely in the internet using your WiFi connection is utmost required. Here are some security steps required to be followed before using the WiFi connection.....Read More

How to Remove Facial Hairs Naturally ?

Unwanted hair on your chin, upper lips and forehead can be very annoying for women. The remedies may need time to give you the permanent result but they will not have any side effects.....Read More

Local Anesthesia: Science behind Local Anesthesia and It's Types

The purpose of local anesthesia is the elimination of pain in a limited area by blockade of the nerve- endings and nerve trunks in the body part.....Read More

How Bluetooth Works?

Bluetooth is a very popular wireless technology used for data transfer with the help of radio waves. Bluetooth can be operated in a short range of around few meters to 100-meter radius.....Read More

How to Overcome Television Addiction

Being addicted to television is so common among teen and adults and it begins from an early age. Here are some suggestions which can help you to overcome your TV addiction.....Read More

Interesting Psychological Facts: How Interesting We Are

Psychology is the study of behavior, mind in both conscious and unconscious states. This article is about some basic interesting facts of human psychology. ....Read More

Six- Pack Abs Exercises for Men

Everybody wants a six-pack abs quickly and easily but the process is quiet long and tough. Here we have some exercises which will definitely help you to achieve six-packs abs.....Read More

30 Most Inspiring Business Quotes

A successful business is created by successful leaders and by great ideas. . Here are some most inspiring business quotes. ....Read More

Buddhism: A Way of Life

The main aim of Buddhism is a way of finding peace within ourselves, helps to archive the enrichment of our soul with happiness, knowledge, helps to achieve the happiness and contentment we want in our life.....Read More

9 Benefits of Playing Video Games

The recent survey and research prove that playing video games have serious health benefits. Here are the reasons how video games are good for beneficial to you or kid.....Read More

How to Straighten Your Hair at Home?

Most of the women want straight hair because they are easy to manage, easy to maintain, you can try any hairstyle and looks great on any face type. Let's have a look at some home remedies to get straight hair.....Read More

How VPN (Virtual Private Network) Works?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the user to access the internet privately by encrypting and encapsulating the network traffic over an unsecured network. ....Read More

Why We Need to Bath Regularly? Health Benefits of Regular Bath

Many of us don't like to have bath regularly because we are lazy, not in the mood, and sometimes we can't find time for bathing. Bathing has huge health benefits and here we will discuss the health benefits of regular bathing.....Read More

How to Say Sorry to Your Partner ?

Admitting your mistakes and saying sorry is an important step to keep your relation healthy. You can try these suggestions to say sorry to your partner and your partner will fall in love with you again.....Read More

Grading and Staging of Tumor Growth

Grading of tumors is based only on their histological picture that is on the degree of cellular and tissue atypism. ....Read More

How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a free program developed by Google as a money making source. Although it seems very easy to earn from Google Adsense bu actually it needs a lot of work and patience to earn a good amount of money.....Read More

Best Diets for Dengue Patients

Treating Dengue requires high dose medication and proper diet. Here are the foods you can eat during dengue.....Read More

Top Online Business Ideas

The Internet is a great platform for starting your business. Here is the list of some best online business ideas which you can start today only.....Read More

Realms of Manifesting Reality through Meditation

Manifestation is usually a powerful tool to accelerate your spiritual development and bring balance into all spheres of life.Meditation indeed is the gateway towards manifestation.....Read More

How to Recover Lost Data from Memory Card

For some reasons your memory card may not work properly. Hence you cannot access your data stored. Here are the steps to recover your lost data from your memory card.....Read More

Streptococcus Bacteria

Streptococci are the part of normal flora in the human body, means they are present in abundant amount in normal human beings but some of them cause pyogenic infections. ....Read More

Jaundice: The Pathology of Pigment Metabolism

In some diseases, the normal metabolism of bilirubins is disturbed with a clinical picture of jaundice. Three forms of jaundice are differentiated: epileptic, hepatic and subhepatic ones. ....Read More

How to Increase Speed of Your Smartphone

Sometimes slow speed of Smartphones and continuous hanging of Smartphone irritates us so much. Here are some tips which can help you to boost your Smartphone's speed. ....Read More

How to Grow Hairs: Best Tips to Grow Hairs and Prevent Hair Fall

Hair is the beauty of every human. Here are some suggestions which would help you to grow your hair fast and in a natural way.....Read More

Famous Saying about Love: Famous Love Quotes

The most mysterious, the unforgettable, most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling, the undefined emotion is called love. Love is the perfect moment in the life that never ends. ....Read More

Health Benefits of Playing Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports are the athletics games that involve physical activities and are played outside or in open. Playing outdoor games has its benefits, it just not only keep you fit and healthy but there are many more.....Read More

Zika Virus: What We Must Know about Zika Virus?

Zika is another fever which is being spread by daytime active Aedes mosquitoes. It is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae. ....Read More

How to Break Shopping Addictions?

If you are buying more than you need and spending more money than you can afford then yes you are addicted to shopping. So here are the tips to break the shopping addiction.....Read More

How WiFi Works?

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity. WiFi, in general, has wide compatibility which is used in any system of any OS, any device and nowadays home appliances also use WiFi technology. ....Read More

How to Chose Best Foods for Babies?

For proper mental and physical development, it's important to feed a baby proper food. Here is the baby's nutritional need to maintain healthy growth. ....Read More

Hepatitis Virus: One of the Most Common Virus

Hepatitis is a viral infection which is caused by a virus which specifically infects the liver or results in liver inflammation. ....Read More

7 Interesting Facts about Human Unknown to You

Every human has different character. We are going to discuss some interesting psychological facts about any human which will help us to know more about any person, to understand them better.....Read More

The Vibes of Indian Sarees

The most significant fashion symbol of Indian culture & traditions is the Saree or a Drape, extensively decorated with various prints & floral designs, which is a symbol of Indian women.....Read More

Girls Image: Why Boys search Girls Images on Internet?

Girls are a very complicated creature to know about. Every girl has different perspectives to see and value things which basically depend on what was her history. But also there are some similar characters which are common for every girl. ....Read More

How to have Dating after Breakup or Divorce: What's the Right Time

In this modern era, the relationship formation and breakup are increasing daily. Many relationship experts after doing many experiments have suggested few things before we go into a relationship.....Read More

How to Earn Money from YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for video watching and sharing. Here are some ways to earn money by YouTube.....Read More

What Should We Eat Before Workout

If you are seeking for a well build strong, cool looking muscles then, of course, you should be more focused about your post workout meal. Here is list of some foods which should be taken before workout.....Read More

Basic Science of Mastitis: Prevention and Treatment

Mastitis is the purulent inflammation of breast or udder tissue occurs due to infection. The most common pathogen responsible for Mastitis is Staphylococcus aureus .....Read More

Biogas: The Fuel from Organic Waste

Biogas is produced by the anaerobic breakdown of organic matter by methanogenic bacteria. The biogas mainly constitutes of methane (60 - 70%), carbon dioxide (40 - 45%) with some amount of hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen, and nitrogen.....Read More

Lucid Dream: What is Lucid Dream?

Lucid dream is the dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. According to researches, lucid dreamers remember their identity, and they can control their dreams and manipulate the outcome.....Read More

How to Download YouTube Video

Youtube is designed for watching and sharing video only. There is some easy process by which you can download your video that too free of cost.....Read More

Atherosclerosis: The Science Behind Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a systemic progressing dystrophic process in the arteries of elastic and muscular-elastic types (mainly the aorta and big arteries). ....Read More

Growth of Tumors: The Process of Tumor Growth

There are various pathological processes of tumor growth. But some are common processes and these are expansive growth, appositional growth, and metastasis.....Read More

How Chicken is Beneficial for Health: 10 Benefits of Chicken

Chicken is one of the most beneficial food for being healthy. . It is enriched with many essential nutrients and vitamins.....Read More

How to be Healthy by Eating

For a good health, the most important thing that is needed is a healthy diet. If you want to be healthy follow this recommendations.....Read More

How to Treat Toothache?

Toothache is one of the most common problems people face nowadays. Here are some home remedies for immediate and temporarily relief. ....Read More

Science behind Arterial Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Arterial hypertension (AH) is a whole group of diseases of multifactorial origin characterized by a prolonged and stable increase of arterial blood pressure (ABP) higher than 139/89 mm of mercury column.....Read More

10 Things To Remember Before Starting Business

Startups are very common these days. Here are some things you should keep in your mind before starting your business.....Read More

How Dancing is Beneficial for Health. Benefits Of Dance

Dancing is more than spectator sports. Besides fun, dancing has amazing positive health benefits. Here are the most impressive benefits of dance. ....Read More

How to Overcome Smartphone's Addiction?

If you are spending more time with the phone then you are addicted to the cell phones. Here are some tips which will be helpful to break your smartphone addiction.....Read More

What Girls Like to Hear?

Girls are a very complicated creature to know about. Every girl has different perspectives to see and value things which basically depend on what was her history. But also there are some similar characters which are common for every girl.....Read More

Hennessey Venom GT: World's Fastest Car

Hennessey Venom GT is claimed to be the fastest running car in the world. The Venom GT is recorded to run at 270.4-mph(435.16 kmph). ....Read More

Thymus: The Primary Organ of Immune System

Thymus is endodermal in origin, is situated in the upper part of the chest near to heart. Structurally thymus has two layers, the outer cortex, and inner medulla. ....Read More

How to Reduce Stress: 10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the raising psychological problems that is mostly faced by working people. Here are some scientific techniques to reduce stress. ....Read More

How Do Solar Panel Works?

Solar energy is converted to electricity with the help of solar panels. But how this solar panel converts solar energy into electricity? Let's see the science behind solar panel. ....Read More

How to Reduce Fever without Medications

What is fever? Fever is human immune system response to various infections and illness. There are some home remedies to lower the fever and make you feel good.....Read More

How to Start Your Own Blog

If you are a passionate writer then you can share your writing with the whole world by writing blog. But how to start your own blog? Here are all steps to start your own blog.....Read More

How Practicing Mathematics is Beneficial for Us

We all do mental calculations subconsciously which we are not aware of. Let's discuss the benefits of practicing mathematics. ....Read More

Top Small Scale Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneur

Women of this generation have a great entrepreneurial ability.To start a small scale business is a great idea. Here are some small scale business ideas for women entrepreneur. ....Read More

How to Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat is one of the most undesirable fats in our body. For a beautiful and muscular body, we need to eliminate such type of fat. Here are some ways to reduce belly fat.....Read More

How to Deal with Depression

Depression is so common disorder now a day that every fourth person is suffering from it. So here are the ways to deal with the depression.....Read More

What is Cardiac Arrest? Things to Know about Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is an abnormality of heart rhythm.Cardiac arrest occurs when heart develops arrhythmias of the third type in which heart stops beating. ....Read More

Health Benefits of Vitamin - A

Vitamin A is one of the important Vitamin which is required in a small amount to keep our self healthy and for the proper functioning of our body. Here are the health benefits of Vitamin A.....Read More

Memories Not Getting Over Ex

Why is it hard to forget our ex? Why memories make us cry? The unforgettable memories of ex are due to neuroplasticity of their images in our memories. ....Read More

Hepatitis: Inflammation of Liver

Hepatitis is characterized by the prevalence of inflammatory changes in the liver. Hepatitis is caused by infectious and non-infectious agents.....Read More

Ayurveda : One of the World's Oldest Holistic (whole-body) Healing Systems

The basic principle of Ayurveda is to prevent and treat illness by maintaining balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through proper drinking, food, and lifestyle, as well as herbal and natural remedies.....Read More

How to Memorize Before Exams? Memory Techniques before Exams

Preparing for an exam can be very difficult process if you haven't devoted enough time for studying in classes. Here are the tips to study smarter to get great grades in your exams. ....Read More

How to Earn Money from Your Website

There are thousands of websites who are earning more than US $ 1000 from their website. Here are some ways to earn money online from your website.....Read More

Chitin: The Second Most Abundant Organic Compound

Chitin is an organic compound which is the second most abundant organic compound in nature. The presence of chitin in living world is vast. ....Read More

How to Get Rid of Pimples at Home

You can remove pimple simply at home by using simple ingredients! So here are some home remedies to remove pimples overnight. ....Read More

Why Do We Dream

Dreaming has been very interesting and mysterious puzzle for most of the human being on this earth. Some theories of dreams which are suggested by scientists.....Read More

The Ultimate Purpose of Human Life

Life is basically an aspect of existence that enquires about social ties , pursuits of well-being, happiness and related conception of morality. Know the ultimate purpose of life.....Read More

How to Increase Testosterone Level by Losing Weight

Testosterone is the most vital hormone that influences our sex life so every male wants to increase their testosterone level. Here are some facts about how to increase testosterone level by losing weight.....Read More

How to Create Your Own Website

Websites are made to share information, give service, advertise, sell products, blogging etc. To build a good website you need many things. Here are the things required to create your own website.....Read More

How Interesting Girls are? 15 Facts about Girls, Boys Must Know

Girls are very cute, pretty and emotional creatures. Facts about girls which everyone must know. ....Read More

What is Lungs Cancer? Carcinoma of the Lungs

Lungs cancer in all countries of the world takes the first place among malignant tumors. Two main types of lungs cancer are differentiated: the central carcinoma (about 80-85% of all cases of lungs cancer) and the peripheral one.....Read More

How to be Optimistic : Think Positive

It is possible to highlight the positive in your life with little patience and mindfulness. Here are some ways to be always happy and optimistic.....Read More

How Sugar is made

Sugar is a sweet crystalline form of short chain carbohydrates which is used for sweetening of food. Let's see how we get the crystalline white sugar on our tables in dining room.....Read More

What Jesus said about Love

As Bible is full of immense verses and passages about the topic of love. And we know that God's love for us is a wonderful experience and initial place to dwell.....Read More

How Big is the Universe

The universe is big. But how big is it? Astronomers have measured the age of the universe to be approximately 13.8 billion years.....Read More

How to treat Minor Cuts at Home

Most of the minor cuts can be treated at home by some simple first aid techniques.Here are the steps you can follow to stop bleeding and treat your minor cuts.....Read More

How Listing to Music is Beneficial for Mental and Physical Health

Music is an amazing thing and listening to music is always good. Music has several health benefits, so let's have a look that how music can be so wonderful to you and your health.....Read More

Cholera: The Science behind Cholera

Cholera is a fulminant infectious disease of the digestive tract with predominant lesion of the stomach and small intestine in the form of severe catarrhal gastroenteritis.....Read More

Destress Yourself by Sudarshan kriya Yoga

Scientist have discovered that practicing Sudarshan kriya yoga on a regular basis has the power to completely treat the person who suffers from depression and anxiety.....Read More

What do Girls like in Boys

Understanding a man need more than experience because just dating a guy won't help you to understand him better.So here is a list of few things and facts about men which attracts women the most.....Read More

How GPS (Global Positioning System) Works

GPS stands for Global Positioning System is a network of satellites used for tracking position. It was first used by US army and from then it is widely used for navigation, tracking purposes.....Read More

7 Foods that might lead to a Severe Health Concern

There are many edible food items available can cause seroius health issue.So try to ditch the processed items totally and always try to avoid the below-mentioned food items to stay healthy and blessed.....Read More

Herpes Simplex Virus

Herpes simplex is one of the most common viral infections in humans, about 60-90 percent of adults showing detectable antibody. It is spread by two members of the herpes virus family, herpes simplex virus 1 and 2. ....Read More

7 Places to Visit in India: Must Visit Once in Lifetime

India is a country of different varieties of culture, religion, a geographical diversity which attracts tourists all over the world. So here is the list of the most beautiful places in India.....Read More

Why Girls are better than Boys :10 Things that make Girls better

Girls have been always an interesting topic to talk. Girls are overtaking men in most of the fields whether it is study, sports or other activities.Here are some examples, how girls are better than boys. ....Read More

What is Entrepreneurship and Why an Entrepreneur is needed

Entrepreneurship is a term which is defined as a process of starting, designing, and running a new business. The business can begin with small-scale business or the startup companies.....Read More

How to Increase IQ Level : 7 Ways to increase IQ

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a measure development from series of standardized test to measure and compare intelligence among humans. Here are some ways to increase your IQ and for improving your brain functioning.....Read More

Diabetes mellitus: 3rd most Common Disease of the World

Diabetes mellitus is a genetically conditioned disturbance of metabolism characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, severe atherosclerosis, microangiopathies, and neuropathies.....Read More

How Google Search Engine Works

Google is the biggest and the best search engine at present world. Google search engine is a powerful tool. Let us see how Google search Engine works.....Read More

The Science of Genetically Modified Crops (GM Crops)

The Genetically Modified crops are the crops which are developed with the help of advanced biotechnological methods. The GM crops are also known as the transgenic crops as because it contains foreign genes. ....Read More

Diseases Related with Dysfunction of Thyroid Glands: Pathology of the Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is one of the most important endocrine glands of our body.It plays many vital functions. Here we are going to discuss the pathology of the thyroid gland. ....Read More

Why Sex is Important : Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is a natural desire of every human.Here we will know why we must have a regular sex, how having sex is better for our health.....Read More

Why Your Keyboard Keys are not arranged Alphabetically

The qwerty keyboard arrangement stems from mechanical typewriters. The typewriter was invented in the year 1860 and it became widely famous after that.....Read More

How to Name Your Company: 6 Tips for a Successful Company Name

Well, the name means a lot for a company. The name has a weight which can steal people's attention.Here are some suggestions you should follow before naming your brand.....Read More

Why a Little Glass of Wine Each Day is Good for Health

The benefits of wine are already well known as heart healthy, helps you to lose weight, boost your memory and reduce forgetfulness, increase your immunity, and strengthen your bones and cartilage by mineral enrichment.....Read More

Top 5 Costliest Paintings of the World

Paintings are the creation of artists which stays for life long. Here is the list of 5 costliest paintings of the world. ....Read More

How to Treat Furuncle(Boil): General Introduction of Furuncle

Furuncle is the most frequent purulent diseases. This deep staphylococcal derma represents sharp purulent necrotic inflammation of a hair follicle, sebaceous gland of hair and connective tissue.....Read More

8 Principles of Buddha: Noble Eightfold Path

Gautama Buddha founded Buddhism. He taught the world 8 principles to live a happy life and to get rid of the painful cycle of rebirth.....Read More

How Mutagen is Responsible for Evolution

Mutation is a process occurring spontaneously with low frequency. Mutagen or mutagenic agents are certain external factors those are responsible for mutation.....Read More

How to boost Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphone battery drainage can hamper your important works. Here are some tips which will help you to boost your Smartphone battery life.....Read More

HIV-What Makes It So Dangerous

Nearly 37 million of people are living with HIV AIDS. Aids is one of the most dreaded diseases on this earth, a disease which doesn't have any 100% treatment till today`s date.....Read More

How to Make Relationship Stronger

Many of us really have a wonderful relationship with our partner and on the other hand, many of us struggling to make the relationship stronger. Here we are going to discuss some basic things which can make the relationship stronger.....Read More

Harvard Scientist got stunned after witnessing the Mystical Powers of Himalayan Monk

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The Notion of Philosophy

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Stephen Hawking warns Humanity to Stop Contacting with Aliens

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The East Asian Countries Economy-One of the Powerful Economies in the World

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Bollywood-The Window

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Human Genome Project (HGP)-The project for determining the complete DNA sequences of human genome.

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Application of Biotechnology in Medicine and Health Care

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