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Life is best when you are in love - Michael Moriarty


How to Text a Guy You Like

Texting plays a major role in dating nowadays. Here are some tips which can make your texting skill better with the guy you like. ....Read More

Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

Many of us may think it is actually a difficult task to spice sex life. Make sure you focus on the following tips to spice up sex life.....Read More

What is Divergent Evolution?

Divergent evolution is a combined procedure of normal determination, prompts the arrangement of another species, from the same tribal stock.....Read More

Darwin Hypothesis of Natural selection

Natural Selection was first propounded by Charles Darwin in his book 'On the Root of Species' distributed in 1859.....Read More

BIOMIMICRY: The Investigation of Copying Trademark Traces

Biomimicry is a specialty of replicating definite copy duplicates, also known as bionics, biomimetics, or bio-moved arrangement.....Read More

How to Increase Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone which is present in both, men and women. For good health, it is necessary to keep the good level of estrogen.....Read More

How to Love Yourself

Loving ourselves is harder and more necessary than loving someone else. We can embrace others easily than our own selves.....Read More

How Did Life Start?

Life is the strangest thing in nature, we all wants to know from where this life came from, we want to know the beginning of the life.....Read More

Is Gene Pool Fundamental?

A gene pool is the arrangement of all qualities, in an interbreeding populace. It is an accumulation of qualities in a populace.....Read More

Macroevolution vs. Microevolution

Microevolutions are the little scale changes inside animal categories, macroevolution is the huge scale changes.....Read More

Reasons for Rainstorm and Thunder

A rainstorm, which may likewise be known as an electrical tempest, a lightning storm, or even a thunder tempest or shower.....Read More

Food Chain vs. Food Web: "Who Eats Who"?

Food chain shows one path of how energy moves through an ecosystem. Food web consists of many interrelated food chains.....Read More

Is there any Presence of Life on Mars?

Mars, as the vast majority of us know, is the fourth planet from the Sun. It gets its name from Mars, the Roman Lord of war.....Read More

Prenatal Genetic Testing Pros and Cons

Pregnant women are opting for prenatal genetic testing to ensure that their unborn baby does not have any major genetic disorder.....Read More

What are the Applications of DNA Testing?

DNA testing has several importances in humanity which include in several fields of development including the development of modern health care.....Read More

Sibling DNA Testing

Sibling DNA testing that is testing the DNA of siblings at least 2 siblings are used to known the mother and father of both the children.....Read More

Paternity Test while Pregnant

A paternity test is a test that can be done prenatal and to know the DNA of the child and match it with the DNA of father. This is known as paternity.....Read More

Northern Blot vs. Southern Blot

Techniques such as Northern Blot and Southern Blot are used to study and to do research on RNA and DNA.....Read More

Genetic Engineering Ethics

Developing any living object is not only about technology, we also need to know of the ethic of genetic engineering.....Read More

What are Transgenic Plants?

A transgenic plant is plants are created by introducing genes of the other species of plants to the plant that we are interested in for desired traits.....Read More

Arguments Against Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is one of the most controversial issues of the debate in the science of the modern world.....Read More

Genetic Engineering in Livestock

Once Thomas E. Lovejoy said that ‘Genetic engineers don’t make new genes, they rearrange existing ones’.....Read More

History of Genetic Engineering

Everything that is created by man and now we are seeing and using it has a vast history. One of the examples of such vast history is genetic engineering.....Read More

Facts about Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the most biotechnological procedure; here are some most interesting facts about genetic engineering that blow our mind.....Read More