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Philosophy and Religion


An Educative Snippet about the Vedic Age of Ancient India

In Indian history, the Vedic Civilization is very old. The beginning of the Vedic period or Vedic age started during the Aryans period.....Read More

Aghori: The Followers of Lord Shiva

Aghoris are strict devotees of Lord Shiva, the God who destroys as per Hinduism. Aghoris practice many rituals to attain internal peace and serenity.....Read More

How Taoism is Different from Buddhism

Taoism is actually Chinese philosophy or religion originated in China. The philosophy of Buddhism has many differences.....Read More

How Philosophy Starts where Science Ends?

Philosophy and science are two different branches and yet has many links together. For centuries scientists and philosophers have argued the validity of science and philosophy. ....Read More

Basic and Core Beliefs of Buddhism

Buddhism is a religion which allows individual to remove all the sufferings of life. There are some main basic and core beliefs that represent the Buddhism religion.....Read More
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Celebrating Spirituality in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month in the Muslim religion. In this month Muslim fast, pray and attain purity for their spirituality. ....Read More

Interesting Facts about Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad is very famous and well-known name in the world because he was the founder of Islam religion. ....Read More

The Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism

There are auspicious eight symbols in Buddhism. The most common and early form of Buddhist symbols are Stupa, Dharma wheel, and the Lotus.....Read More

How to Become a Buddhist Monk

It is necessary to know basics about Buddhism to be a monk. A person, who wants to become a monk need to live life devoted to Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha.....Read More

5 Basic Islamic Beliefs and Practices

Islam is the second largest religion in the world. There are five pillars of Islam which make a key beliefs or principles that all Muslim follow in their life.....Read More

Siddhartha Gautama: The Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama was the prince of Lumbini, now in Nepal. Gautama attained enlightenment while doing meditation under tree and from then he is called The Buddha.....Read More

A Meaningful Insight into Islamic Culture and Traditions

Islam religion is widely spread all over the world. The modern Islamic customs are a combination of local culture and Muslim beliefs.....Read More

Hinduism: The Oldest Religion

Hinduism can be considered oldest religion on the basis of their holy book Gita, holy epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. These holy epics were written in Sanskrit.....Read More

The Basic Buddhist Practices in Daily Life

Buddhist performs various practices to eliminate suffering from their lives and to know the real meaning of life. There are many practices which Buddhists perform.....Read More

The Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca

The Hajj is one of the biggest yearly journeys on the earth; each Muslim must take this journey one time in whole life. ....Read More

The Sacred Mandalas in Vajrayana Buddhism

The Mandala in Vajrayana Buddhism is a sacred area, which refers to the meditation and good thinking. Manda means essence and la means container.....Read More

Difference between Mysticism (Spirituality) and Religion

Spirituality and religion intend to take a person towards a definitive objective of life. A religion does as such by spoon-encouraging the person.....Read More

Basic and Core Beliefs on which the Faith of Hinduism Thrives

Hinduism is one of the most popular religions in the south Asia. The main belief of Hinduism is to get Moksha means to free from the cycle of rebirth.....Read More

Why do People Believe In God?

It is not possible to say that God does not exist. The existence of God is all about faith. Almost every religion says God is our creator.....Read More

Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism and Their Significance

Tibet is greatly influenced by Buddhism from India and has a deep interest in Buddhism. Tantra is a rich traditional symbol of Tibet.....Read More

The Captivating History of Buddhism

Buddhism is world’s 4th largest religion enriched with a history of 2.5 million years. Buddhism is basically known for its teachings and ideas which help people to live life freely.....Read More

The Principles of Detachment and Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism

The eight fold path is the root of the four noble truths which was the part of first Buddha's teaching. To be happy we need to detach ourselves and our thoughts from this world.....Read More

Hinduism: Facts about Hindu Religion

Hinduism is the third largest and oldest religion in the world. The success of Hindu religion lies in their approach to life, the value of life, believing in truth and their basic beliefs.....Read More

Buddhist Destinations of the World

Buddhism is spread all over the world in just few decades. Buddhist temples and monasteries are spread all over the world. ....Read More

Hinduism: The Basic Beliefs of Hinduism

The Hindus believe that God is the creator of all the things in the world and our job is to worship the almighty. They offer everyone with an open heart to follow or practice Hinduism. ....Read More

What Does Enlightenment Mean in Buddhism? Know the Righteous Path

The word enlightenment means awakening. According to Buddhism, enlightenment is a great knowledge and wisdom that a person can gain by full compassion.....Read More

Do Buddhists Believe in God?

Buddhists do not clearly say anything about God like the other religion. Buddhists follow Buddha's teachings which tell people to live free minded and follow the path of goodness.....Read More

Death Rituals in Hinduism

Death is unavoidable. Hindus who practice or perform many rituals during their lifetime has to perform special ritual at the time of death.....Read More

What does Dharma Wheel (Dharma Chakra) symbolize?

Dharma chakra is a wheel of law of Buddhism which has eight spokes, symbolizes different Buddhist beliefs. Dharma Chakra is the favourable symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.....Read More

What Does Nirvana Mean in Buddhism?

Nirvana, in Sanskrit, means to quench, which means Enlightened Flame. Nirvana teaches people about the liberation of pain and problems that person suffer in life.....Read More

An Overview of Buddhism: Common Myths and Reality

Buddhism is a religion of individual development of spiritual aspects. Buddhism is connected to the Sanskrit word dharma, which means the path of truth.....Read More

The Science Behind Hindu Practices

Hinduism is the most ancient and close to nature. The belief of Hindus religion contains a logic and specific reason behind their followings.....Read More

Life after Death: The Philosophy of Buddhism on Life after Death

Buddhism considers that after death one person is again reborn into a different physical body or enters nirvana. According to the philosophy of Buddhism only Buddhas can achieve nirvana.....Read More

Buddhism: A Way of Life

The main aim of Buddhism is a way of finding peace within ourselves, helps to archive the enrichment of our soul with happiness, knowledge, helps to achieve the happiness and contentment we want in our life.....Read More

What Jesus said about Love

As Bible is full of immense verses and passages about the topic of love. And we know that God's love for us is a wonderful experience and initial place to dwell.....Read More

8 Principles of Buddha: Noble Eightfold Path

Gautama Buddha founded Buddhism. He taught the world 8 principles to live a happy life and to get rid of the painful cycle of rebirth.....Read More

The Notion of Philosophy

What is the specificity of philosophy? The most general ideas and principles, which must guide the person's life and activities, the understanding of the environment....Read More

Words of Chanakya : A True Lesson of Life

Chanakya was an Indian teacher, Philosopher, jurist and a great Economist. As a wise man and a great thinker he had an opinion on various things at the societal level which are essentially a boon for mankind.....Read More