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Life is best when you are in love - Michael Moriarty

Psychology and Relation


Dating a Friend: What About It?

A lot of people who start to date first go through the stage of friendship. Some even say that friends make the best dates.....Read More

Hypnosis as a Technique for Medicinal Treatment

Hypnosis, likewise alluded to as hypnotherapy or trancelike proposal is a stupor-like a state in which you have increased concentration and fixation.....Read More

Why do We begin to Look all Starry Eyed At? Why do we Fall in Love?

How do individuals begin to look all starry eyed at? A few speculations lay on a supposition that sentimental connections experience.....Read More

Why Many Students hate Mathematics?

Mathematicians utilize scientific verification to determine reality or misrepresent guesses.....Read More

How to Text a Guy You Like

Texting plays a major role in dating nowadays. Here are some tips which can make your texting skill better with the guy you like. ....Read More

Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

Many of us may think it is actually a difficult task to spice sex life. Make sure you focus on the following tips to spice up sex life.....Read More

How to Love Yourself

Loving ourselves is harder and more necessary than loving someone else. We can embrace others easily than our own selves.....Read More

How to Hug a Girl

A proper and good hug is what comes naturally and more intimate. Here are some of the best tips which you can ever get somewhere for hugging a girl.....Read More

How to Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

Every girl has a dream of getting a boyfriend who loves them unconditionally. Girls can show their perfect side and here are some good ways of doing that.....Read More

How to Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is a feeling or emotion of insecurity, fear or concern of something which matters a lot to us. Here are some special tips which will help us to come out from this feeling of jealousy. ....Read More

How to Study for Exam

Exams are nightmares for every student. Applying these techniques while you are preparing for your exam will make you sure that you are going to get good grades.....Read More

How to Make a Girl Feel Special

Girls are emotional creatures; they bind everything with their emotions. Make some efforts and show them how special they are. ....Read More

How to Introduce Yourself

There are different places where we need to introduce ourselves. We always encounter people who face problems in introducing themselves.....Read More

What Girls find Attractive in Men

Half of the human on this earth are girls who have their own choices, own way, of choosing and being with the type of men they want to be.....Read More

How to Kiss

Kissing can come as a very powerful tool to keep our relationship stronger and charismatic. The couple who kiss very often have a good understanding.....Read More

Heart Touching Love Quotes

Love is beautiful, yeah, of course. Love is a pain, well yeah, no doubt. But wait; is love as much beautiful as shown in movies?....Read More

How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

You miss the person you loved the most but now you are not together. Here are some tips to get your boyfriend back. ....Read More

How to Make your Girlfriend Happy

Making your girlfriend happy is not a very complicated thing; girls always like to be affectionate and loved. Think from her perspective and look how your love will bloom.....Read More

Ways to Avoid Internet Pornography

Watching porn can be a high moment, but it is only for a small time and we often get stressed after it. Porn is none other than an addiction.....Read More

How to Kiss a Girl

Kissing is one of the most intimating and sensual ways to show love. Kiss is most memorable and enjoyable than having sex.....Read More

What Girls Like

Girls are called very complicated organisms. They can be happy about the same thing as well as sad about the thing.....Read More

How to Kiss Passionately

Kissing passionately is one of the greatest joys of the life. Here are some amazing tips which will make you a pro-kisser and will make your every kiss passionate.....Read More

How to Look Sexy

Some girls are always the center of attraction and they are called sexy. Here are some tips for girls to look sexy.....Read More

How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Most of the times when a boy likes you they show a clear interest in you but every guy doesn`t have the same gene.....Read More

How to Get a Girlfriend

If you want a girlfriend and you have no way how to get her, we are here to solve your problems. How to Get a Girlfriend?....Read More

Why Do We Kiss?

Kissing is an action which is cherished by individuals of each age from adolescence to adulthood and till maturity. Kissing is something which associates two souls.....Read More

Why we Marry?

Marriage is something everybody dreams of once a time in their adulthood. Every girl has a dream of marrying in a unique style, unique way. ....Read More

12 Things Girls Don't Like

There are some things which only girls donít like. If you are doing any of the things listed below, you are doing it wrong, try to change yourself and your habits.....Read More

6 Tips Needed to be Emotionally Strong

Emotions are some special traits of any human being. If a person is very emotional that doesn't mean he or she is weak. Emotionally strong individuals will watch out for the prize. ....Read More

15 Important Qualities of an Alpha Male

Becoming an alpha male is a long process which needs time and efforts. Some characteristics of an alpha male are given here. ....Read More

Who Will Win? A Father or a Boyfriend

Bond of a father and daughter is something which is unique in this world. A father is always the first choice for a daughter. Father always hates your boyfriend because of several reasons.....Read More

Best Tips for Girls to be More Popular

Most of the girls want to be popular at the teenage. If you are trying to be a popular girl in your middle school then here are some tips for you. ....Read More

How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

There are certain moments in a relationship when we think that our partner is cheating on you. Try to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. ....Read More

Why Human Loves Dogs?

Most people love their dogs as much as they love their kids and they are humanís best friend. Dogs are known for being loyal. Dogs never let you down.....Read More

5 Reasons why Students Smoke

Smoking is quite common among students especially high school students. High school students begin smoking for five reasons. ....Read More

Qualities Needed to be a Great Entertainer

A great entertainer is someone whose mere presence is enough to make us comfortable and attentive. Here are some qualities needed to be a great entertainer.....Read More

How to Flirt with a Guy

Some girls are very good at flirting and they can flirt with any guy in the room. Here are some special tips which will change you from a shy girl to a charming girl.....Read More

Who is more Brilliant? Men or Women

Men are more brilliant than Ladies In light of the fact that their cerebrum is greater than theirs. But does cerebrum size matters? ....Read More

Making the Best Relationship with Your Love

The relationship is a bond, love, friendship, close connection or relationship between two individuals. In good relations that the sentiments are shared, endeavors will be equivalent. ....Read More

9 Tips Needed to Increase Your Romance with Your Girlfriend

Romance is what makes our love complete and keeps the relationship strong. Here are some of the best tips to increase your romance with your girlfriend.....Read More

How to Win Your Dream Girl's Heart

Winning a girlís heart needs efforts. It happens gradually and you need to show care, fun, naughty side of you to her. Here are some better tips for winning a girlís heart.....Read More

15 Coolest Facts about Kissing

Kissing can be a sign of love or sexual desire also. We donít have enough words to describe kissing, but here are some interesting facts about kissing.....Read More

6 Tips Needed to Get Rid of Porn Addiction

Watching pornography has no benefits except that it makes us excited. Porn makes us more stressed and less interested in real life. Here are some ways to get rid of this addiction.....Read More

8 Cool Tips to Develop Your Creative potential

Everyone is creative in his or her own way. You only need to develop your creative potential. Here are some cool tips you can take to develop your creativity more generally and more adequately. ....Read More

12 Awesome Habits which Make Your Life Happy

Your mental state can influence your health incredibly. Just follow these awesome habits which will help you to be a happy person.....Read More

10 Crazy and Fascinating Facts about Love

Love is the perfect moment in the life that never ends. Letís find some facts that make love the most interesting emotion. Here we discuss some of the crazy and fascinating facts about love. ....Read More

6 Tips to Attract Beautiful Girls

Every man has the desire be in the heart of their beautiful dream girl. The most common problem is that almost all the men get scared in front of beautiful girls. Letís find know how to attract beautiful girls.....Read More

Tips Needed to Propose a Young Lady

What You Ought to State When You Propose to Somebody? It is necessary to propose to your dream woman in the most delightful ways.....Read More

9 Killer Ways to make Yourself Charming

Charming people are often liked by everyone. Here are some important traits which we should wear if we want to be charming.....Read More

Procrastination is a ďKillerĒ. 5 Reasons You Need to Stop Right Now

There can be a number of reasons for procrastination Ė fear of failure, lack of motivation, version to hard challenges etc. Itís time to stop the excuses, and here are five reasons why.....Read More

Funny Facts about Women that You may not Know

Women differ to men in many aspects. But some qualities make women unique and to some extent funny. Here are some funny facts about women.....Read More

Instruct Your Brain to Stay Positive

Staying positive vibes in life is needed for a better life. When there is tough situation in oneís lifetime retrieve the positiveness within you by training your mind.....Read More

14 Awesome Tips to Make Yourself Photogenic

Your photographs will only look awesome when you are photogenic. Here are some tips to make yourself photogenic and look attractive in photos.....Read More

7 Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships hardly last longer. Here are some important tips which will help you to keep your love alive and strong in long distance relationship.....Read More

6 Interesting Facts about Love

Love is a permanent and powerful neurological response which occurs due to the release of many chemicals in our brain. Letís see some interesting facts about love unknown to you. ....Read More

8 Steps to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Flirting is a way to show a girl that you like her. Healthy flirting is needed for a good relationship. Some steps you can follow to flirt with a pretty girl in a gentle way. ....Read More

Best Tips to Concentrate During Study

Concentration is needed for productive study. Here are some really useful tips which will help us increasing concentration during studying.....Read More

How to Have a First Kiss

First kisses are full of mysteries you feel confused and you have no idea, how your date would respond. Here are some good tips on to get a perfect first kiss.....Read More

How to Impress a Girl

Impressing a girl can be very hard if you donít know the exact things. Here is the list of the things which will improve your game to impress a girl.....Read More

8 Signs to Know If You are in Love

Being in love is a different feeling than all other feelings and it can be clearly manifested. Here are some simple ways to tell if you are in love with this person.....Read More

9 Best Tips to Improve Your Memory

There are lots of ways to improve memory. Here are some most important tips which will help you to improve your memory. ....Read More

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship needs time and trust to grow. Here are some tips which can help us in making our relationships happier.....Read More

Things Needed to be a Smart Person

Smartness is an acquired trait and everybody can get it. Here are some good techniques which help us increasing our smartness.....Read More

How to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in our abilities, qualities and judgmental decisions. Apply the following steps to boost your self-confidence.....Read More

7 Common Topics Which Girls Gossip About

Girls canít stop to gossip about anything, it is just in their nature. Letís find out some very common topics of gossiping between girls.....Read More

Best Tips to Get Boy's Attention

Beside physical attraction there are some other characters which will help you to get boyís attention. If you want to catch guyís attention all you need to focus on the little things which always draw a guy.....Read More

How to Make Girl Like You

Making a girl comfortable around you is an easy task. It needs some good steps with some good qualities. Follow these steps to make a girl like you. ....Read More

10 Things Every Women Want From Men

Women come out as tricky when it comes to choosing traits in a man. They look for some common things among men. Try to develop these qualities. ....Read More

Tips to Treat a Girl on First Date

The first date can create magic in your life and also the most important date of your life. Follow these tips how to treat your girl on your first date.....Read More

Best Tips to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out for a date can be a nerve-wracking event. Continue to get some nice tips on how you should ask your dream girl for a date.....Read More

7 Things to Remember Before Proposing a Girl

Proposing a girl whom you love is not easy. It is quite obvious to have some nervousness. Here are the tips what you can do while proposing a girl.....Read More

8 Things Needed to Impress a Girl

Being the most handsome, most intelligent or most successful guy is not the only way to impress a girl. Here are some things which you need to impress a girl and then ask her for date.....Read More

How Studying Abroad Makes You a Stronger Person?

Studying abroad is a big step to move to completely unfamiliar environment without your family. Here is a list of reasons that shows how you become a stronger person living abroad. ....Read More

What Girlfriend Wants from Boyfriend?

Girlfriends have a lot to expect from their boyfriends. Here are some little but five useful methods through which you can be categorized as a good boyfriend.....Read More

How to be a Good Mother

Mother is the role model for their kids. Here we have some useful tips to be a great mother.....Read More

How to Overcome a Music Addiction?

Listening music for longer time is bad for our health. Here are some tips which will surely help you in overcoming music addiction.....Read More

What to Talk About With a Girl

Talking with a girl and making a good impression in front of them is not so tough. Here are some tips what to talk with girls and make a good impression. ....Read More

How to be a Good Father

Fatherhood is a wonderful feeling if you start enjoying it. Here we have some tips for how to a great father and make your kid happy.....Read More

How to Overcome Facebook Addiction

Spending too much time on Facebook kills our productivity and creativity. Here are some tips to overcome Facebook addiction. ....Read More

How to be a Good Parent

Parenting is one of the toughest and one of the best job of all. To be a good parent you need to grow some qualities.....Read More

How to Deal with Loneliness

Loneliness makes us sad and unhappy. Here are some positive advice which can help you fight and deal with loneliness. ....Read More

How to Get Over a Breakup

Breakup is painful and everyone wants to get over it. These ways may help you to get over a breakup and also forget your bad relationship. ....Read More

How to Overcome Exam Fear

You should learn to overcome your fear and anxiety so that it should not affect your exam. Here are some tips to overcome the stress and fear for exam. ....Read More

How to Control Your Anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion but it's important to deal with it in positive ways. Here we have some tips and techniques to manage and control your anger.....Read More

How to Treat Your Girlfriend?

Sometimes love is the only thing which can give meaning to our lives. Here is a list of ways through which you can strengthen your relationship and move yourself to a relationship which can motivate you. ....Read More

How to Overcome Television Addiction

Being addicted to television is so common among teen and adults and it begins from an early age. Here are some suggestions which can help you to overcome your TV addiction.....Read More

Interesting Psychological Facts: How Interesting We Are

Psychology is the study of behavior, mind in both conscious and unconscious states. This article is about some basic interesting facts of human psychology. ....Read More

9 Benefits of Playing Video Games

The recent survey and research prove that playing video games have serious health benefits. Here are the reasons how video games are good for beneficial to you or kid.....Read More

How to Say Sorry to Your Partner ?

Admitting your mistakes and saying sorry is an important step to keep your relation healthy. You can try these suggestions to say sorry to your partner and your partner will fall in love with you again.....Read More

Famous Saying about Love: Famous Love Quotes

The most mysterious, the unforgettable, most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling, the undefined emotion is called love. Love is the perfect moment in the life that never ends. ....Read More

How to Break Shopping Addictions?

If you are buying more than you need and spending more money than you can afford then yes you are addicted to shopping. So here are the tips to break the shopping addiction.....Read More

Girls Image: Why Boys search Girls Images on Internet?

Girls are a very complicated creature to know about. Every girl has different perspectives to see and value things which basically depend on what was her history. But also there are some similar characters which are common for every girl. ....Read More

How to have Dating after Breakup or Divorce: What's the Right Time

In this modern era, the relationship formation and breakup are increasing daily. Many relationship experts after doing many experiments have suggested few things before we go into a relationship.....Read More

Lucid Dream: What is Lucid Dream?

Lucid dream is the dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. According to researches, lucid dreamers remember their identity, and they can control their dreams and manipulate the outcome.....Read More

How to Overcome Smartphone's Addiction?

If you are spending more time with the phone then you are addicted to the cell phones. Here are some tips which will be helpful to break your smartphone addiction.....Read More

What Girls Like to Hear?

Girls are a very complicated creature to know about. Every girl has different perspectives to see and value things which basically depend on what was her history. But also there are some similar characters which are common for every girl.....Read More

How to Reduce Stress: 10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the raising psychological problems that is mostly faced by working people. Here are some scientific techniques to reduce stress. ....Read More

How Practicing Mathematics is Beneficial for Us

We all do mental calculations subconsciously which we are not aware of. Let's discuss the benefits of practicing mathematics. ....Read More

How to Deal with Depression

Depression is so common disorder now a day that every fourth person is suffering from it. So here are the ways to deal with the depression.....Read More

Memories Not Getting Over Ex

Why is it hard to forget our ex? Why memories make us cry? The unforgettable memories of ex are due to neuroplasticity of their images in our memories. ....Read More

How to Memorize Before Exams? Memory Techniques before Exams

Preparing for an exam can be very difficult process if you haven't devoted enough time for studying in classes. Here are the tips to study smarter to get great grades in your exams. ....Read More

Why Do We Dream

Dreaming has been very interesting and mysterious puzzle for most of the human being on this earth. Some theories of dreams which are suggested by scientists.....Read More

How Interesting Girls are? 15 Facts about Girls, Boys Must Know

Girls are very cute, pretty and emotional creatures. Facts about girls which everyone must know. ....Read More

How to be Optimistic : Think Positive

It is possible to highlight the positive in your life with little patience and mindfulness. Here are some ways to be always happy and optimistic.....Read More

What do Girls like in Boys

Understanding a man need more than experience because just dating a guy won't help you to understand him better.So here is a list of few things and facts about men which attracts women the most.....Read More

Why Girls are better than Boys :10 Things that make Girls better

Girls have been always an interesting topic to talk. Girls are overtaking men in most of the fields whether it is study, sports or other activities.Here are some examples, how girls are better than boys. ....Read More

How to Increase IQ Level : 7 Ways to increase IQ

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a measure development from series of standardized test to measure and compare intelligence among humans. Here are some ways to increase your IQ and for improving your brain functioning.....Read More

How to Make Relationship Stronger

Many of us really have a wonderful relationship with our partner and on the other hand, many of us struggling to make the relationship stronger. Here we are going to discuss some basic things which can make the relationship stronger.....Read More

How to Live a Happy Family Life

A family is a blessing of nature, family is a place where we share our feeling, emotions, and unlimited love. Living a happy family life is essential.....Read More

How to Make Every Kiss Memorable: Make Every Kiss More Romantic

Love start with a wonderful kiss. Whether it is our first kiss or hundredth kiss, whether it is our kiss with someone special or with someone unknown, kisses always create a wonderful, lovely memory. Kisses make us close to our partner, make us more intimate.....Read More

What is love? The mysterious definition of love

The most mysterious, the unforgettable, most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling, the undefined emotion is called love.Love is the perfect moment in the life that never ends.....Read More

How love can affect health and life

It is very well known that love is one of the most excellent and powerful emotional experiences that we feel when we are in love.....Read More

How interesting girls are-facts about girl unknown to you

How interesting girls are.Scientific facts about girls unknown to you....Read More

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