Best Tips to Ask a Girl Out

Asking a girl out for a date can be a nerve-wracking event. But you know that girl never take this responsibility. There is always a possibility for embarrassment and rejection but it can’t stop guys to ask them out.girl-out

Now, the thing which matter is how to do it that your chances of getting that girl will be more. Continue to get some nice tips on how you should ask your dream girl for a date:

1. Clothes – Wear clothes which match your personality. You should not wear freshly tailored suit. But keep in mind that nobody like a slab. Don’t wear wrinkled t-shirts, dirty shoes or something which is out of style. Dress like handsome and gentleman. The clothes make the man. Make sure you look and smell nice, you should brush your teeth and wear deodorant.

2. Girls do like guys who are not so big nor so small, go to the gym spend some time in exercises. This is the best gift you can give to your body. A girl should feel protective with you if you want her to fall in love with you.

3. If you have crush on a girl see opportunity to help her, offer to carry something heavy or do something nice for her. Help her when she has a bad day.

4. Eye contact – If someone catches your eyes; it is good to shoot some harmless glances to her. Make sure it will not count as creepy; staring at a girl more than usual is not a sign of gentleman. Make sure she notices you, if she returns your gaze with a smile, you can move further.

5. While talking look directly at her pay attention to what she is saying. If she doesn`t look at you or ignores you, back off, and leave her alone for a little. Read her body language.

6. Approach – Be simple and confident. Women are attracted to men who are comfortable and confident in their own skin. It is not a big deal to approach girls, everybody does this. Don`t worry about coming up with something overly clever. Confidently walk up to her and say ‘hi’. Compliment her. Just don’t make it awkward, everything else you do is quite acceptable. Ask some questions. If you are feeling nervous make your approach as quick and painless. Don’t act needy, be cool and ask for her phone number. Talk normally after getting her number and be there when she needs you. Slowly when time is right, ask her for a date. Ask her to go the movies or something else where you both can enjoy.
Be confident during the date. Be prepared for rejection. Act cool if she says no. change the conversation to something else. Leave her alone and move on to another girl. Don`t hurt yourself. Some girls just don`t like this kind of stuff.

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