Best Tips to Get Boy’s Attention

For girls, physical attractiveness always plays a great role in her dating life, but besides them, there are a lot of other traits which can make you center of attention and attraction of boys. Every boy doesn’t have the same mindset as of the whole world.boy-attention

Still, guys exist who prefer girls in their natural form. Physical attractiveness is the thing which everybody measure in their first glance bit there are a lot of qualities which are shown later. If you want to catch guy’s attention all you need to focus on the little things which always draw a guy. Here are the traits which will help you in this matter:

1. Show Your Great Personality
Identify your best personality and try to improve them. Show boys that you are a passionate person and will be a passionate person. Always get something to do which makes you feel great. Be positive in nature, so positive that the boys can forget the existence of negativity. You should control your negativity and promote your positivity in order to be a good person. Work on your anger and shyness and try to be an outgoing person.

2. Take Care of Yourself
Good look is not everything when it comes to physique. Good care means be hygienic, shower every day, style your hair brushing teeth, wearing clean clothes, etc. You can’t control your natural face but you can control your body shape. Hit the gym for getting perfect figure. Guys like an amazing figure more than beautiful face.

3. Wear Nice High Heels
High heels always increase the beauty of a woman. High hills make men more attracted towards you. If it is uncomfortable to you, use it for some special occasions.

4. Use Your Smile
Girls always have something in their sweet smile which can captivate and mesmerize the guys around them. Every girl has different smiles for different reason. Smiling also shows your positive attitude.

5. Make eye contacts 
Eye contact is nonverbal talking which shows your interest in them. Eye contacts make the talking emotional and they will feel more attached to you. When you are getting to know someone, try mirroring them. This will show them that you are enjoying your time with them. Do it occasionally.

6. Don’t Always Wait
Don’t wait for anything from guys for no reason, if you want to talk start up the conversation. If you want to ask them out, don’t wait for good moment. Just do it and don’t hide your feelings. Maybe your courage to ask him out will change your life forever. You know what I mean.

7. Be Unavailable
it is totally worth the attention of guys. When a guy don’t see you regularly it will increase their dopamine level and they will value your presence when you meet again

8. Leave Early
For some guys it works but sometimes it can backfire too, so use it only when you know what type of person you are dealing with. For some guys, it is totally disappointing. Use your own brain too.

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