How to Break Shopping Addictions?

Shopping is fun for women. If you are buying more than you need and spending more money than you can afford then yes you are addicted to shopping. You do more shopping when you are feeling low and shopping gives you

Some items you don’t even need but you buy just because of the sale. You have so many things in your wardrobe that you have never used or wore. So here are the tips to break the shopping addiction-

1. Identify the shopping trigger– Find out that what activate the shopping urge like anger, boredom, guilt or depression. And eliminate the cause.

2. Pay cash only– Avoid credit cards as much as you can because you don’t realize how much you have spent on your shopping.

3. Needs VS wants– Go through all your stuff and decide what you want or you need. Don’t buy the same type of things again and again. Before buying ask yourself that do you seriously need it?

4. Don’t go shopping alone– Go with the person who knows how to stop you from buying the useless things.

5. Change your routine– If you are visiting the particular place daily or weekly then change the routine.

6. Get involve in other activities– Try to engage yourself in other activities like cooking, playing musical instruments or whatever you like.

7. Make budget– Set a budget for a month and keep the minimum money for your shopping and if are saving some money then deposit it in the banks.

8. Avoid the stores– do whatever you can do to avoid entering the expensive shops. Convince yourself and be determined to avoid malls and brands.

9. Delete all the online shopping apps – delete all the credit cards details and uninstall the apps. They send you the notifications of offers and sale and you feel tempted to shop them.

10. Spend money on life enriching things– spends your money on activities and adventures with friends and family. Find a thing that can divert you from shopping like yoga or gym.

11. Reward yourself– go for a planned shopping once a month. Set a budget and buy the necessary thing which you don’t have.

12. Get support– overcoming the addiction is a hard task. Get help from friends and family. You can go for the consultant also if you are so much addicted.

It’s not easy but of course, you can do it. Deal with your addiction and support your loved ones if they are also addicted.

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