How to Control Your Anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion but it’s important to deal with it in positive ways. When you are angry or frustrated you speak harsh things and take wrong decisions or may get involve in fighting with the people, which you regret later. Studies have shown that anger can lead to several healthy issues like heart diseases, insomnia, headaches and many more. So, here we have some tips and techniques to manage and control your anger-

1. Understand your anger 
Try to find out what makes you angry and irritated. Next time try to avoid it or if you can’t avoid it then prepare yourself to face it calmly. Try to find out that whether the right things are making you angry or the wrong things. You can’t get angry at the person who is having right view to certain things. Don’t blame others, take your own responsibilities.

2. Think before you speak 
Don’t speak something that you will regret later. Take a minute and collect your thoughts and words then speak. Let other side also speak, may be they are right and you are just overreacting. Avoid the words like ‘never’ or ‘always’ like ‘this relationship never works’ or ‘you always find excuses’, it shows that there is no way to solve the problems.

3. Don’t lose your temper 
Don’t lose your temper because it shows that you are short tempered and bad person. Showing anger makes others hard to trust you and they feel uncomfortable to talk to you.control-anger

4. Go for a walk 
If you are so angry then leave the place and go for a small walk around the building or in the garden. Take your time, think about the situation and prepare yourself to handle it without getting angry.

5. Manage your stress 
The more stressed you are, the more likely you lose temper. Meet your family and friends regularly; they can make you feel better. Get regular sleep, take healthy diet, avoid alcohol and nicotine and take out time for fun which can help you to reduce the stress and manage your anger.

6. Therapy 
If you can’t control your anger by any of these techniques then therapy can help you to manage your anger.

  • Take deep breaths- Take deep and slow breaths, it releases your tension
  • Slowly count to ten- Start counting from one to ten in your mind and relax. If you still feel the anger then count again.
  • Visualize a relaxing experience of your life or you can imagine that you are in a peaceful and beautiful garden.
  • Meditation and yoga – It helps a lot in managing stress and anger. Try to do daily yoga in the morning.
  • Exercise – Physical activities helps to reduce stress and keep you healthy.

If still you can’t control your anger consult a therapist.

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