10 Crazy and Fascinating Facts about Love

Love is the perfect moment in the life that never ends. Love is always the most powerful, extraordinary and interesting emotion that one can have. Let’s find which facts make love the most interesting emotion. Here we discuss some of the crazy and fascinating facts about love.crazy-love

1. Dilation of pupils show our attraction for someone and make us more attractive
In 1870, Darwin said that human pupils expand when we get attention or focus. This is indeed true, as this occurs when we are gazing at an object of our desire or beloved one, even if it’s only a picture or a video. Moreover, people with dilated pupils themselves look more attractive. So if someone loves you then look at their eyes and you will find that their pupil dilated by 40% than normal.

2. By looking into each other’s eyes can make strangers fall in love 
The eyes are the mirrors of our souls, as it was said, so there are no surprises that by simply looking into each other’s eyes can make us fall for each other, even if we don’t know anything about each other. Many researchers have proven that when someone is gazing at us, the person’s body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is also associated with the fight-or-flight response. So if we decide to continue looking at each other then we are asking for Cupid’s arrow.

3. Love is really that matters and nothing else 
A 75-year long research conducted by a group of Harvard researchers proves that love is something which matters a lot in human’s life. Many participants’ lifelong experiences that happiness and emotion are somehow linked with our life.

4. Men who kiss their wives in the morning are found to live five years longer than men who don’t 
From many researches it is found that men who kiss their wives in morning live five years longer on an average than who don’t kiss their wives in morning.

5. We most likely to fall in love with someone if we first meet with them in a dangerous situation 
When we meet someone in a dangerous situation then our brain think subconsciously that they will be better for our survival and create a condition for love.

6. Men are more emotionally affected when relationships end 
Many studies found that men emotionally suffer more than women when the relationship ends. Women can forget or adapt with the situation more easily than men.

7. Men are quicker than women to say “I love you” in relationships 
Nothing needed to prove this that men say the three magical words first than women

8. On an average people fall in love seven times before getting married 
Many studies conducted in many countries world found that on an average people fall in love for seven times before their married even if they marry their first love.

9. Women are attracted to those men who show less interest in them
After many studies, it is found that many women like men who show less interest in them because women in their subconscious mind always want to win the heart of these men.

10. Women are attracted to the men who smell good than who look good
It is found from many experiments that our olfactory part of the brain which is responsible conducting and analyzing of smell create much stronger neuro-plastic memory than by other sense organs. So memories which are triggered by scent have a much stronger emotional connection than those which are triggered by other sense organs.

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