Dating a Friend: What About It?

A lot of people who start to date first go through the stage of friendship. Some even say that friends make the best dates. Some personal contact established beforehand helps filling the relationship with more meaning. Friends usually share the same interests and have points of connection that serve as a good starting point for forming a

Nevertheless, there are some hardships involved because it is not always so that both friends want to have a relationship. Sometimes only one of them feels that way which puts both friendship and a hypothetical relationship in danger. Read the following info to know everything important about dating your friend. And if dating a friends is not a concept that you like, you can try to find a girlfriend here.

Patience – One of the most important rules for dating your best friendis to be patient. You should always remember that you risk your friendship when you try to develop it into a relationship. When you rush things up even the fact that you’re impatient makes your friend think that you don’t like your friendship. It is a classic situation when one friend wants a relationship while the other one is still okay with just being friends. Keep in mind that time works for you and the more patient you are the better everything will be for you two. It doesn’t matter that you don’t need to do anything and just wait. Just take it slowly step by step and be attentive to little details.

Look For Details – There are some important details that indicate whether dating your best friend is possible or not. First of all, you need to be comfortable in the presence of each other just with you two. In case you’re always in company of some other friends it means that it’s not a fact that you two can be happy together. Then, look for tactile contact. Try to notice if your friend likes to touch you and if he or she allows you touching him / her. This is important. Next, define whether your friend really confides in you or keeps you out of his or her personal affairs. The former is obviously a great sign, the latter is not so good. Finally, think about your own relationships and that of your friend. Are you or were you happy with other people or were you thinking about each other even being apart? Answering all these questions can help you to define whether relationship with your friend is possible or not.

So, You’re Dating

If you think problems go away completely once you start dating, you are wrong. Dating a friend you’ve known for yearscan trick you into the illusion that it’s going to be a walk in the park. No, it won’t. Moreover, you will have even more problems because you think you know a person. However, it is one thing to know a friend and it is completely different to know him or her as a date. You might not please each other sexually or be irresponsible in serious long-term relationships. Friendship gives a good foundation but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to skip all the troubles that couples go through. So, don’t be careless and value your chance. Quit thinking about your partner as your friend. Start to value him or her more.

Final Advice – Dating a friend has its pros and cons. On one hand, you have similar interests and share good memories. Nevertheless, seeing as how you’re stepping in the unknown area, you can become careless and make some serious mistakes still thinking of your dating partner as a friend. Your partner is more than just a friend which requires you to be twice as more responsible not to hurt his or her feelings.

Now you know the most important aspects of dating your friend. Think twice before you do anything and be careful, attentive, and responsible. Real friendship requires work. Dating requires even more work. Never forget about that.

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