How to have Dating after Breakup or Divorce: What’s the Right Time

In this modern era, the relationship formation and breakup are increasing daily. We are always in search of someone perfect instead of making our self a perfect partner. When we are alone after our divorce or after the breakup of our long time relationship then finding another partner is necessary.couple-love

Many of us don’t understand when it is the right time to start the new relationship again. Really saying there is no exact time to start a new relationship. It depends on many factors; some of us are still emotionally married after having the divorce. In that case, it is difficult to get into a new relationship until we get someone who is very special. Many relationship experts after doing many experiments have suggested few things before we go into a relationship:

1. Don’t count the dates – Don’t look at the calendar and count the number of days, there is no specific date to start a relationship. Whenever our heart says we must follow it, don’t look at the calendar. Love is bound to our heart, not to the calendar. Some people decide by themselves to start the new relationship after two months or some other days but are absolutely a wrong thing to decide, let the heart feel the love when it wants to. This will make our new relationship better and romantic.

2. The ex-factor – Many of us compare our new partner with our ex-partner and then we decide for the relationship. This is not true as in most of the cases, every person is different. Maybe some characters are similar but for that, we shouldn’t reject someone who really cares about us. We must remember our ex is our past and we shouldn’t destroy our future because of our past.

3. New vs. old romance – In many situations during our new relationship when we are with our partner we find many things which are similar as in the old relationship and we feel the chance of losing the new relationship and this fear makes us less romantic toward our new beautiful relationship. When we begin our new relation then we must remember that this is absolutely new and there is no relation between the old and new relationship. We shouldn’t allow our past memory to destroy our future.

4. Take your own decision – Many of us think about other when we start our new relationship. When divorced parents have children, many times they avoid being in a relationship because they think that their relationship will affect their children but in reality it doesn’t affect too much. Our personal life is our own and we shouldn’t allow anyone else to interfere in our life, it will be emotionally good.

5. React as it is First Love – Scientific study found that when we think our new relationship as our first relationship it results better, the relationship seems to last for longer time.

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