How to Deal with Loneliness

This world is full of connections, aims, and ambitions. Everybody have family jobs, study and a lot of things to do but still, sometimes we feel like we are alone in this world, there is nothing which can help us. Loneliness makes us sad.lonely-girl

It is a very complicated mental and psychological phenomenon which can be felt while standing in a crowd. It is not only a feeling of loneliness or lack of friends but a deeper problem of feeling inadequate, imperfect or shame. It makes us feel looser, everything looks bitter. We start searching for someone with whom we can have bonding. Here are some positive advice which can help you fight with loneliness-

1. Think about why you are feeling so, sometimes we just feeling lonely, there is no matter. If it is for nothing then there is nothing to worry, it may be because of extra secretion of some hormones. Finding the reason for your loneliness is a step to get relief from it.

2. Realize that you are not alone and move forward from it- Realizing that there are people who have no one in this world still they are happy then why can`t you. Share your feeling with your friends or family members; it will help you to demonstrate that you are not alone. You can talk with your teachers, coworkers or anyone you can feel comfortable with. Use that time in doing something efficient for your life or making some extra money or helping someone with no expectations will help you overcome those situations.

3. Go social and adopt pets- Going in social clubs over the internet or in real life in parks will make you feel good, there may be a lot of people like you, who share their problems with each other and eventually get solutions. Spend some of your time there and you will feel yourself a little energetic. Dogs or cats are best companions if you are struggling hard with loneliness. Handle them like your own baby will make you feel responsible. The real trust and affection which pets provide are the reason of their companionship with humans from centuries.

4. Invest in yourself and do something new- Doing crazy stuff is totally normal in this crazy world if that makes you happy. If you are feeling lonely do things which make you happy. Learn new skills, hit the gym, and try to find money making the opportunity. As we have no time for these things when we are busy these are best things in which we should invest our time if feeling down. They will boost our confidence and help us fight our loneliness.

5. Realize the advantage of being alone and take your loneliness as solitude. Being alone will give you peace, silence, freedom, space, time to spend on yourself and to connect with our inner self.

Go to the therapist if necessary.

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