8 Cool Tips to Develop Your Creative potential

Though it is difficult but it is not impossible to measure creativity, and everyone is creative in his or her own way. We already know being creative can make us happier and healthier. But while we think of creativity, in terms of writing a book or drawing a masterpiece, professional says that it can be anything from writing a new song in room or recording the original song in the studio.creativity

However, there are steps you can take to explicit your creativity more generally and more adequately. You will need to act to do creativity as a practice.

1. Be Different 
‘NORMAL’ ! Just think this word is not meant for you. Share your thoughts and your ideas with others. You might look creative to them and at the same time you will look creative to yourself. By being outside the box you can achieve creativity. Just don’t worry that your ideas or thoughts will be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ rather just speak as a free person. Speak what comes in your mind. All Great people did the same.

2. Increase curiosity
See for everything and anything you don’t know or you are confused with. Talk with people, hear their stories you want to know about them. The more things or material you store in your head, the better creative things come in your mind and more creative you become.

3. Consume a disparate bundle of influence, including which are not of your field
When you are deeply involved with countless things you tend to become more creative and truly you do become. Creativity is all about linking of the unexpected gaps. For eg- if you are joined with the field of science sometimes just look in the field of art. These things will increase your creativity.

4. Give sometime for creativity everyday
Creativity is not that which you can gain in one day, it is something which you gain, learn or train every day. No one has ever become a creative person just by sitting and let ideas flows through their minds. Even writers, poets have not made their carriers just by sitting and letting ideas flow through their minds, they did some hard work which helped them to be great.

5. Just relax 
Creative ideas wont stuck up in every minute. But that’s not the problem. You just can’t try to force creativity. Just don’t be frustrated by the bad ideas because they are the part of your creativity. From many bad ideas you will surely find a best and better creative idea.

6. Combine new and old ideas
Ideas are all about the new combination of your old elements. Change it or combine it until you get something new which you can call your own production.

7. Make change in your environment 
Stress can become a barrier to your creative ideas. If you are feeling confused or stressed then just move to some other place where you can relax. It will help you to concentrate and to produce new and creative ideas. Music can play an important role here. Try listening to music it can stimulate your cells of brain to make connections.

8. Take different time for different project
Taking some time away from your project may help you to think about your new project and automatically if you will think about new project it will increase your creativity production.

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