Why Human Loves Dogs?

Most people love their dogs as much as they love their kids and they are human’s best friend. They never let you down. They always welcome you and love you. When you are sad or crying, they feel the emotions and start licking you. It’s not the taste of tear but they care for you. They also feel sad when you are stressed and sad.dogs

They make you laugh by their funny acts. The researches show that the kids are so much happy when they are with dogs, they play together. Dogs are best partners for morning jogging and evening walk. They keep you healthy and give you a positive feeling.

They provide the best security; they protect your home from any danger. They risk their lives to save you and your family members.

They eagerly wait for you to come home and as soon as they see you coming they will be the first to climb on you and lick you. They get so happy when they see you return. Researches show that when you and dog stare into each other’s eyes they both release the same hormone called oxytocin, which is the same hormone that bond human infants.

They always listen to your problems and they will never spill the beans, they are the best therapist. Dogs never complain about your clothes, looks, your cooking skills or anything, they just love you the way you are.

You never need a date or the driving partner if you have a dog. When you are sick they will sit next to you whole time and cuddle you. Dogs always forgive everyone, they never hold grudges. They teach you to be more human. They are so soft to sleep with; you can cuddle them all day.

It’s difficult to train the dog but once they are trained they are the best. If you don’t have a dog, then you should have one.

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