How to Study for Exam

Exams are nightmares for every student. The only way to pass them without any pain is to prepare ourselves from the start. However, there are some great techniques which will always help you.exam-study

Applying these techniques while you are preparing for your exam will make you sure that you are going to get good grades.

1. Have a blueprint 
For a good preparation, it is necessary to make a good plan. The more time remaining for the exam, the better it is. Plan at least 10 days advance. There must be some subjects which are tough for you, give extra time to those subjects and less to the subject which you know very well.

2. Have notes 
Preparation of exams should start from the very first day. Pay attention in the class. Teachers know what they are going to put in the exam and they teach that topic more actively, absorb those hints and make good notes for exam time. You will have less pressure during exam time if you study well in classes. Good notes will help you to revise the topics during exam time.

3. Organize your study space 
It is important to avoid the distraction during the study. Make sure there is enough light, study materials, writing objects etc. Choose a silent room where you can’t hear noise from outside. You may like to turn on light music in order to be more concentrated. Keep movies, games, distractive objects out of your sight.

4. Know about the exam format 
Knowing exam format can be really helpful for the preparation of exam. With the help of format, you will know what portions you have to study more deliberately and what you have to study briefly. We should ask about this from our teachers or the seniors who had already pass that exam.

5. Divide the whole syllabus 
We can’t study the whole syllabus in some sittings, it is best to divide the whole syllabus according to their difficulty level and format of questions. We should prepare the easy topics first and faster so that we will have more time to study the difficult questions and lessons.

6. Write the main information 
Writing the important information is a more focused way of study. The information which we write will be clearer in our brain. Writing can eat a lot of your study time so make sure you don’t write everything.

7. Go through the past exam papers and assignments 
There are always some questions which go on repetition in every exam. So, it is very necessary to go through past years question papers. It will also give us more efficient ideas of studying our whole syllabus.

8. Don’t study for long 
Studying for less time with more concentration is better than studying long with less concentration. There are always some hours in which we can study better than others. Find out those hours and study silently. Try to remember the things with a fresh mind in the morning.

9. Take breaks 
Take a break of 10 minutes after studying 30-40 minutes. It will stop you from being exhausted. Aim for study a small portion of the syllabus in that one session or period. Make sure you are obeying your break time and study time.

10. Eat well 
Eat things which not bring sleep to your brain. Don’t eat a lot of carbohydrates or sugar. Eat oranges or apples during break time and drink a lot of water. Eat light; take breakfast like egg omelet, bananas, whole wheat toast, etc.

11. Keep calm and study 
During preparation and exam time, it is very important to keep calm and do hard work. There is no substitute for hard work.

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