How Interesting Girls are-Facts About Girl Unknown to You

girlBoys always think girls are the strangest thing in the whole world. Girls are really very emotional .They are not like the boys. Girls have different set of mentality and brain abilities. Many works are there that can be done by girls successfully where as boys fail to complete those tasks and vice versa. But we live in a society where we need to understand people for maintaining the relations and having a better life. Here are some interesting things about girls. Boys must know these facts to have a better relationship with a girl.

1. When a boy say something very emotional and sentimental then a girl always remember it. Girls are very emotional they always remember the emotional things happened to them or said to them. Research found that girls remember any emotional situations better than boys.

2. Girls always want to look beautiful and gorgeous so that boys can compliment on their beauty. Girls always love to hear a compliment on their beauty. So always try to give a gentle compliment to a girl.

3. In many cases girls are better observant than boys. It is found that girls are better observant than boys while observing general daily life things.

4. When a girl hears “I love you” in front of many people like in public or in front of friends then they feel very special and beautiful. Every boys must say “I love you” to her girlfriend or wife because it increase the strength of relationship and intimacy.

5. Modern research found that almost eighty percentage of girls don’t like when a boy say perverted things. This affects the emotional attachment between the partners.

6.In most of the cases when girls don’t want to talk about her ex boyfriend or husband, she is not completely over him in most of the cases.

7. In many cases it is found that a girl get angry easily and without any reasons. Research found the reasons because girls get hormonal changes during menstrual cycle for which they have mood swings.

8. When a boy remember something special that a girl had said and in future the boy brings that to her in a proper way then the girl feel herself very special and the emotional attachment get stronger.

9. Girls always like a romantic boys. Boys must tell their girl “I love you” in public or in front of friends, kisses them in front of friends, give some good compliments in front of friends.

10. Some girls like rich boys, some like good looking boys, some like intelligent boys but all girls like those boys who give them respect, take care of them, be with them when no one else is with them.

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