6 Interesting Facts about Love

Love is a very mysterious and powerful emotion. Biologically love is a powerful neurological response like hunger, thirst, anger and many others, but love is more permanent and powerful neurological reaction as compared to other.love-facts

When we are in love, our brain releases a set of biochemical like pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and many active chemicals. Let’s see some interesting facts about love.

1. Love is an addiction 
Modern neurological research found that love is a strong addiction which is similar to cocaine addiction. We are addicted toward our love in the similar way in which we are addicted toward drugs. When we are going through a breakup, our emotional state leads our brain to secret biochemical which is exactly similar as in the case of drugs. When we look at our ex or their photographs after breakup, it activates the region of our brain which is similar during active pain reaction and also during excessive drug intake. The withdrawal syndromes are so intensive that we can suffer a heart attack. During breakup, we are emotionally very weak and our body releases many chemicals which can cause heart attack, this phenomenon is medically called broken heart syndrome.

2. Heart rate synchronization 
When two partner truly love each other their heart rate get synchronized when they look at each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes. Many scientific experiments were performed to find the reason but till now we don’t know why the heart rate get synchronized.

3. Love makes us Stupid 
When we are in love it is always difficult to concentrate on other things, we lose the capability of taking proper decisions. Our mind becomes full of thoughts of new love. During this stage, our brain has the similar syndromes to a person who is suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). During early stage of romantic relation, a person loses the cognitive control of the brain.

4. Fear of Love 
Some people have a fear, a fear of falling in love. This interesting and strange fear is called Philophobia (Scientific term for fear of falling in love).

5. Love take us away from friends 
Many studies found that when we fall in love we generally go away from our friends. It is found that when anyone falls in love, at an average loses two friends from his or her life. Love is very strong over any other kind of emotions.

6. Love is a Painkiller 
Many scientific studies found that when we are close to our partner, many biological chemicals are secreted which act as a pain killer. Slight pain, headache get disappear even when we see photo of our loving one.

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