Who Will Win? A Father or a Boyfriend

Bond of a father and daughter is something which is unique in this world. A father is always the first choice for a daughter. The first man a girl look for is her father. A young lady dependably needs her beau or spouse to be precisely same as her dad since she has dependably observed her dad being a legend, a survivor and a genuine companion which a young lady searches for.love

The emotions shared between these two souls are indeed very unique and ultimate, any other relation in this world can never beat this bond. Where the daughters often consider her father to be her real superhero, an ultimate and auspicious man imbibing every aspect which she thought other male members in her life should also possess. For a father, their daughters are their only love. They always treat their daughters as princess and angles and always wants to protect her.

From the childhood, a daughter always looks for his father, idols him, worships him, the same way father also addresses the attention and develops faith in her and hence developing more stronger bond and relation. Dad-daughter relation has some unique qualities like a problem solver, open minded, supporter, guide, honesty, open communication and listening and talking.

Now when it comes to the point, “YOUR BOYFRIEND” 
Your father is always the first person, who will warn you to stay from him. Father to her daughter is always very possessive and honest, and when he feels that his daughter is in unsafe hands, he always tries to come in between to rescue her.

Relation between your “FATHER “and “BOYFRIEND” 

  • This relation is always opposite to yours.
  • The bond between these two can never be like a bond between a daughter and father.
  • They both always try to ignore each other.

Father always hates your boyfriend because of several reasons 

  • He is over possessive for you and because of his possessiveness he cannot see his daughter with any other male.
  • He cares for you, and he doesn’t want anybody to come in between you and him.
  • He always remains in doubt, whether another male can even love her the way her father used to do.
  • He is over protected and he always wants you to remain as a kid.
  • He always remains tense, If her boyfriend will try to be more friendly with her or not.
  • He is scared if your boyfriend will take you to any party and leave you drunken.

He always looks for a better match for you; he never wants his daughter to stay unhappy or sad in any situation and circumstances. So, in any way, father is a girl’s real superhero as he knows what is good for her daughter and what not.

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