How to Have a First Kiss

A first kiss means a lot, whether it is yours first or first in your relationship. It feels always nervous, especially when you are about to kiss someone who means a lot to you. The first kiss is a step towards intimacy; it can lead to either way in your relationship.first-kiss

One can easily associate their emotions with someone whom they have kissed. First kisses are full of mysteries you feel confused and you have no idea, how your date would respond. Here are some good tips on to get a perfect first kiss. If you follow them, you are more likely to get bound in a relationship:

1. Plan it
A first kiss never comes out as an accident, like in movies. It is planned or the result of settings you have made. A first kiss should come when you two have spent a good time together either on a date or while watching a movie. This will give you time to warm up towards each other. Plan your meeting as both of you can get some alone time at the end of the date.

2. Be confident
So got an opportunity to meet her, it is time to show her that you are a man. Don’t be shy and look directly into her eyes. Show her that you are comfortable with her, speak clearly and act like you are confident.

3. Groom yourself
You should look appealing before going into a kiss. Most of the girls prefer clean shaved guys. Give a style to your hair. Keep your mouth fresh by eating some mints. Wear a clean and good dress. Don’t forget to use deodorant.

4. Sexual tension
You shouldn’t kiss a girl who is not ready for it. It is very important to build sexual tension, sit close to her on a date, and speak slowly and in a soft tone. Talk about romantic things, how enjoyable your day was with her. You should also pass your sexual vibes to her, by touching her softly.

5. Get her alone
Most of the girls and women will not like to kiss you in front of others if it is your first kiss. Find some place where you both can be alone. Girls will be more responsive to such things in privacy.

6. Touch her
Break the touch barrier in a right way, constantly touch her on arms or play with her fingers. Let her be comfortable with your touch. Girls have very sensitive and soft skin so touch her smoothly. They can be very much excited with smooth touches. By touching her you are sending her signal that you want something more than that.

7. Make eye contact
Eye contact is more intimating than mouth talking, eyes speak truth. If she is comfortable and responsive to your eye contact, don’t look away. Lock your eyes with her while talking and during moments of silence.

8. Make some bolder moves
Now if she is comfortable with you and making eye contacts, go on bolder moves, go very close to their face, if she also leans in or closes her eyes, kiss her on lips. If she doesn’t come closer to kiss you, give her some more time.

9. Start it very slow
Once you start kissing lean in slowly and gently touch her lips with yours. Be relaxed and don’t overly open your mouth. Keep it short and move your head back slowly, but keep within her reach if she wanted more. See your date, if she backs away then wait for some time. Don’t push it if she doesn’t like.

10. End it gently
After kissing, be silent and hold her hands. Give her a gentle hug and let it go.

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