8 Steps to Flirt with a Pretty Girl

Flirting is a way to show a girl that you like her. Flirting is a technique which nobody learns from birth. It’s a way to treating girls which prevent them from putting you into the friend zone and any guy can learn it. Healthy flirting is needed for a good relationship.girl-flirt

There are some simple techniques which can make you one of the irresistible guys to girls. You should not be one of the guys who is trying to impress her; instead, you should be different and stand out from the rest of the guys.

1. Be confident and make the first move
Girls are very lazy to make the first move, they always wish guys to make the first move. Confident guys always have better chance to draw attention from many girls, confidence is sexy. Ask her some open ended questions about the things going through the moment. If you know the girl, you can ask about her weekend or about some project.

2. Start with a smileĀ 
Always start talking with a little smile on your face. A smile should not be creepy. Smiling tells that you are a good and humble person. Smiling will make you and her relax during the conversation. Pay her a sincere compliment about her personality or jewelry.

3. Be yourself
It is nice to give her a sincere compliment, but don’t try too hard to find something good in her. Say things which you actually mean and admire in them. Don’t try to show off, girls can read you very easily when you are yourself or when you are showing off. While some of the girls like the concept of show off, most of them don’t like this unnecessary thing. Talk about your actual interests and hobbies and let her tell about herself.

4. Body language
Whenever you are talking to her stand tall and towards her, relax your body and mind and put your hands in your pocket if you can. Smile and make eye contact but don’t stare. Show your friendly nature. Pay attention to her and show yourself interested in what she is talking about. Glance at floor sometimes and look at her most of the times while talking.

5. How to talk
Be sincere, make her comfortable to talk with you. Don’t be mean during the conversation and practice something to make her smile. Don’t use pet names in very starting.If she has a good sense of humor, joke with her. Don’t deliver any vulgar jokes, keep them for future. Don’t ask something about her age or weight, these things can be very sensitive to some girls.

6. Break the touch barrier
After some of talking you should break the touch barrier by holding her hands o touching her arms. Say something about her rings in the fingers. Pay a compliment about the perfume she is wearing.

7. The next level
After all, these things, you can ask for her number for talking later. Don’t talk too much on chat or phone, just show them your intentions and you can ask her for a date. Invite her to a movie or some other events which you both can enjoy together. Go for a walk or a sports event.

8. Show your intimate side
On date, you can show your sexual side, say some of the double meaning things, girls like those things when they are really comfortable with you. Tease her during the date and make her thoughts go wild. You should be very mysterious during the first date. Girls show more curiosity in guys who are mysterious and reveal very less about themselves.

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