How to Get a Girlfriend

We can be single by three ways – first by our choice, second we still not get someone as per our expectations and third, we try with most of the girls but in a wrong way and they not want to be with us.girlfriend

If you are single by choice it is good, you don’t need to take any step right now, enjoy your life. However, if you want a girlfriend and you have no way how to get her, we are here to solve your problems. If you want to become her obvious choice over all the guys chasing her, read the article below and apply those tips in your life:

1. Feel Good Alone
Try to make yourself happy when you are alone, don’t be desperate for a girlfriend. Build self-confidence and worth yourself. Do something efficient which can bring happiness in your life. Getting a girlfriend is not an assurance of happiness.

2. Be Kind and Generous
Help others from your heart, if you get the opportunity to do that. It will make you feel good and it is an attentive quality, especially if you are a guy.

3. Meet a lot of Girls 
Half of the world’s population is women and you get enough opportunity to meet them if you search at right places. Meet women at supermarkets, library, streets, malls, playgrounds, etc. Do it on a regular basis.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Fail
Doubts kill more successes failure ever will. So, have courage, convey your intentions to the girl. Failures are the steps of getting success. If you are not comfortable about failing at something, you can’t get the real taste of success.

5. Have Fun
Don’t be nervous while talking to girls. C’mon guys you don’t know the girl and you will never know if you are going to meet her in the future or not. So, try to have fun with her and show that you are a cool and interesting person. They probably will remember you and you can have her next time on a date.

6. Be Yourself 
Say them what you like about them but don’t give fake compliments. Be yourself and don`t laugh at jokes which you don’t get. Show what you are and do not fake your personality.

7. Take Care of Yourself 
Looks are important. Your presentation of yourself is your first impression. Shower regularly hit the gym, wear nice clothes which suit you, get some attractive deodorants and keep your body language positive. Body language says a lot about you.

8. Know How to Talk
It is a thing to practice and you will get better with time. Some people are very good at talking and they can talk on any topic because they know how to talk. Learn this skill. Connect yourself with girl.

9. Laugh and Flirt
Make her laugh. Girls love guys who can make them laugh. Make yourself a little funny. If you don’t flirt you will end up in the friend zone. Being flirty will make her think you as a dating potential.

10. Don’t Talk for Long
Make your conversation short and end it with positive notes. Say the things like you can talk later, you have some work now. Ask for her number.

11. Take Initiatives and Meet Her 
Women like men to take initiative especially in starting. Ask her for date at a good restaurant. Show her your interests towards her and she will like it.

12. Ask for Next Dates
If everything goes well ask her out for second date. It should be more private than the first one. Make it more meaningful and end it with a kiss.

13. Ask her to be your girlfriend 
Once you both get mutual attraction, she wants you to ask her out. Go for it and ask her. Don’t do it over texts or social media. Don’t refer her as your girlfriend until she responds.

14. Be Patient 
Some girls like to make you some wait, so be patient. It is always important to have patience for a meaningful relationship.

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