How to Make Girl Like You

Half population which lives on this earth are girls and it is impossible to get to know everyone,s choice. Every girl has their own standards, own priorities, own business and own life which creates the mystery of what girls want in a man.girl

However, there are several steps which most of the women like in a man and see them as their dating potential. Making a girl comfortable around you is an easy task, this is what every nice guy does and often ended in friend zone. Isn’t a strange girl sitting beside you in a local bus or taxi is comfortable. You need to give them a bunch of emotions when they see you not only of being comfortable but also of being excited and having fun time together. Asking a girl out is good way to know whether she likes you or not. Below are some great traits which will help you in being together with the girl with whom you wanted to be.

1. Have Your Own Life
Make your life interesting rather than asking girls to be your girlfriend. Girls like someone who has their own life, own goals. Girl always sees future when they are about to choose someone as their better half. What if a guy will not able to take care of her and her child? Go for an amazing life for yourself and all the girls will know about you.

2. Have Amazing Hobby or Passion
Girls like guys with interesting hobbies and passions. Having hobbies means you give time to yourself and you are a romantic person. A guy with no passion can’t have a romantic life either. Girls like romance.

3. Have Good Hygiene
Having good hygiene means taking care of your body. Bath daily, use deodorants a little, have good clothes on you. Girls literally fall for decent smelling guys. Clear boys look good with a decent pair of jeans and t-shirts.

4. Let Her Do Something for You
Ask a girl to do something, if she does then she subconsciously likes you a little more. I don’t know why but this is known as Benjamin effect in which if a person does something for you this make them easy to like you.

5. Make Her Laugh
Everybody is potentially a joker and every girl likes to laugh.

6. Be Her Friend
Being her friend doesn’t mean being in friend zone but take care of them when no one would do.

7. Touch Her
Break the touch barriers during sports, normally when you are around her. Touching her will make her think that you are comfortable with her and willing to touch her. If she doesn’t like it, don’t overdo it.

8. Tell Her Secrets
Let her know that you are feeling safe when you are telling her any secret and you have trust on her, it makes them think more about you.

9. Give Her All of Your Attention
Attention is one of the most valuable things in this world. By giving this to her you are getting a respectful place in her heart. Don’t treat her like all your girlfriends.

10. Boost Up Your Confidence
It is one of most valuable value for yourself. Treat yourself like you are important. Girls like confident boys.

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