7 Things to Remember Before Proposing a Girl

It is hard to tell the person whom you love that you love them. It is quite obvious to have some nervousness. Most of the guys have almost same kind of nervousness no matter if they are handsome or not.girl-propose

It is a sensitive matter and everything counts in it. Girls are of different types and they want to get treated in different ways. However, there are some common points which everybody should give attention to. Being natural and doing extraordinary things are not attractive. Here are the tips what you can do while proposing a girl-

1. Be yourself 
Don`t try to overdo anything. You can`t catch everything. Overdoing or showing can last into awkwardness. You can make it special and sweet while keeping it simple and natural. Do the things which make you go smoothly and comfortably. You should behave in your natural way.

2. Know your girl and then plan 
There are different types of girls, some girls are more connected to traditional style and they like if you do it just as normal way. Some girls like it to be a center of attention. But the best way is still the normal bowing down on your knees and tell those golden words. Just impress her but don`t take it too far.

3. Be planned 
Be planned for the moments. Recreate some of your favorite moments from the past, which has made her wow. Girls are so romantic if you are creating romantic memories for them.

4. Create romantic moments 
It will be a moment to remember forever if it goes right. So, make it beautiful as much as you can. Best is to create with nature like at the sunset time, or in the moonlight or with sky full of stars

5. Take her to a favorite spot
You can take her to the place where you two enjoyed a lot, where you have very sweet memories. Environment can also create love, and you will end up in a relationship hopefully. Your favorite spots can be a park, any museum, theater, and library or anywhere where you can do it comfortably. Be sure that you do not get at any overcrowded place; it can make a girl feel awkward.

6. Buy a special gift for her 
Girls like gifts especially if it is from the guy they love. You can buy her a charming ring or bracelet. Giving a gift can make delivery of your message very easy. Giving her a bunch of red roses is always a good and proven way to show your love. Go near her somewhere out and open your heart to her. She will respect your choice if it is good enough.

7. Find new ways 
There are always unique possibilities to do anything. If you want to try something new while proposing your girlfriend, try them but don`t be a fool. Obviously, nobody likes fools.

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