How to Make a Girl Feel Special

Girls are emotional creatures; they bind everything with their emotions. No matter how bad we guys are in our life, once we get bounded with emotions of any girl it will be very hard to come out of that.girl-special

That’s what we want, we want to make every girl special with some magic traits, but hold on, it does not need any magic traits to make a girl feel special. There are some tips which help us to make our ladies more affectionate and happy. Make some efforts and show the best of you:

1. Unique compliments 
Girls are addicted to compliments, everybody gives them compliments. Girls get lots of compliments about how good they look. Try to give them unique compliments which anybody else doesn`t notice, compliment her about her personality. Try not to overdo it, we become less responsive to things which we get very often. Use the words which she can feel.

2. Spend fun time together
Always give priority to spending fun time together instead of enjoying it alone, take her to the places where you two can have fun like amusement parks, water splash parks, beaches, etc. Involve her with you when you are going to a journey, it will make her feel that you like to be with her and you care for her spending fun time together will also strengthen your relationship. If she is enjoying anything, be there with her even if you are not enjoying that.

3. Give her gifts 
Girls love gifts, especially surprise gifts. Never forget to gift her on special occasions. They are more addicted to thoughtful gifts which they sometimes throw hints too. She may not say you directly what she needs but throw hints, get those hints and build a good gift for her. Whenever she will see that thing she will remind you.

4. Respect her 
Respecting each other is very necessary for a healthy relationship; respect each other wishes, parents, and everything which you can respect. Bend yourself sometimes to show her that you care for her and can support her in every situation.

5. Listen to her 
If your girlfriend is saying something to you, listen to it carefully. Most of the times girls just need one person who can listen to them so that they can share everything of them with that person. Listening to her will help you to understand her better. A girl will believe you more when you listen to her and respect her opinion about the different things.

6. Don’t compare her 
A girl is unique in herself. There can be other girls who are better than her, but there can’t be a single girl like her. Make her feel like she is the only girl in your eyes. It is disrespect for a girl when you compare her with anyone else.

7. Never miss the little things 
Opening the doors, pulling the chairs, giving the girl a feeling of safety are the traits which every gentleman do for their ladies and It should not be faded away. Little things matter a lot; people love you and like you for little things.

8. Remember the details 
Remember the dates which are important for her, remember the song which her too emotional or too happy, remember the perfume she likes, the foods, color, flavor remember everything which you can. Mark them on your calendar. Remembering those little but important details can make any girl feel special and she will have a place for you in her heart.

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