How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

There are certain moments in a relationship when we think that our partner is cheating on you. Most of the times it comes out just as a thought and flew away with time, but sometimes we really find them in an another relationship and it is hard to live with.girl-cheat

There are always some clear signs if somebody is involved in another relation. If you want to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not, continue:

1. Caring decreases
Women brains are wired to care about the every smallest detail of their men. They remember everything about you and your relationship and often get offended when you forget those things. However, if you girlfriend has stopped being angry with you about the things she used to get offended or angry, then you should worry about this.

2. She Starts Caring about Her Appearance
If your girlfriend starts buying a lot of new clothes without any event parties or date with you, then she may doing it for someone else other than you. She has done it when you two were dating but now it’s someone else turn. Pay attention if she is taking more time in makeup and styling her hair while going to meet her girls. Maybe she is going out to catch attentions from another man.

3. More Attention to Her Phone than You
Woman can do so if she is a business person, but everything has a time. If she is more attentive to her messages on phone instead of taking dinner with you, she can be exchanging messages with another man. Check out her computer of mobile if you can get access to her emails, messages, calls etc. if she has deleted all the messages or you got anything suspicious you can catch her cheatings.

4. Less of Intimacy
If a girl is involved with someone else, she will less like you to see her undress and there will no more urge to have sex with you. Lack of sex can be due to other reasons are also, but you can see the difference in both situations. She will less like to flirt with you if she is getting it somewhere else.

5. She is too Busy
You had the things which you always do with other like going for a movie on weekends, watching TV together, or anything else, but now she is too busy to do that work, and more concentrated about her looks when she goes out for any work or meeting with her girlfriends, she is cheating on you. Sometimes a girl can be really busy about their job but it is only for sometimes. You should be her priority.

6. If she got a new friend
Girls usually become less social after being in a relationship but if she gets a new co-worker and his name come up once or twice recently, you should be worried. Notice her when the new person comes up, if she looks excited or more happy than usual, you should observe them carefully.

7. No future plans
Girls usually are more interested in making plans for future and they are more committing. They drop hints to ask future plans from their boyfriends, however, if your girlfriend is not making any efforts to bring that topic and usually skip the commitment she is cheating on you and she has other options.

8. Spend less time or Withdrawn from Your Family
Girls usually like to spend family time with your family, and hanging out with your parents or sister. But if she is now no more interested in talking with them and looks always ready to leave them, it can be a sign of her disloyalty. It can be a sign that she wants to end the relationship.

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