How to Make your Girlfriend Happy

Making your girlfriend happy is not a very complicated thing; girls always like to be affectionate and loved. Their brain is wired to care about every little thing when they are in a relationship.girlfriend

So it is very important to remember some special dates of her life and what she values. A good relationship is never one-sided, you need to give more if you want to get more. Make some extra and wise efforts to make her happy. Think from her perspective and look how your love will bloom:

1. Gifts 
– Gifts are girl’s best friend. You can surprise her with gifts anytime but never forget gifts on special occasions. Girls sometimes give hints of what they want on next event. Observe it and often surprise her with that thing. If she has given no hints, go for some thoughtful gifts. Check her wish list at Pinterest or Amazon. They appreciate when you pay some efforts in buying a gift for her.

2. Show Her Affection
– Affection tells girls that you love and care about them. Compliment them, hold their hands while on a walk or in public. Kiss them whenever you get a chance. A compliment about their looks, abilities, and talents. There is a lot to compliment. Play with her hair. Tell her that you love her. Use statements which make her happy. Make her confident in her; the more confident she is, the easier it will be to make her happy.

3. Put her first, yourself second 
– Prove that your love is selfless. Make her your priority and put her needs before yours. Don’t ignore her when you are at a party or meeting with friends. Value her parents like you respect your parents. Whenever you get chance open doors for her, pay for her. Make yourself available when she wanted to talk. Book some days for you two only.

4. Be romantic 
– This is the quality most of the guys are forgetting these days. Every girl wants to be a part of romance. They have their own fairy tales and they are the queen of those tales. Make her believe in them. Write love letters for her, present her flowers sometimes. It can be just a formality sometimes but girls value them. Tell her that you are lucky that she is with you. Tell her that she is special and always will be. Learn some good moves to make her feel special whenever you are going out.

5. Remember about her likes and dislikes 
– Remember most of the first talking and date, in which she told about her likes and dislikes. Remember her favorite flower, color, perfume, food, songs, and so on. Books are one of the best gifts if she loves reading. Don’t talk about the person she hates, tease her but in little amount.

6. Remember her dates 
– Remembering important dates for her can be a milestone in your relationship. Girls admire when someone remembers dates for her. It makes them feel special. Have a calendar for yourself in which you can write all those dates and formulate some special gifts for her. It is not important to have expensive gifts but thoughtful gifts are more appreciated. You can make a scrapbook of all the events you are celebrating together.

7. Understand that they are different 
– They value some of the things which we don’t even care about. Being clingy is in their nature, they try to know every single detail about you when they are connected with you. For girls sex does not mean the only physical contact, for them, it is more emotional and intimate.

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