9 Tips Needed to Increase Your Romance with Your Girlfriend

Romance is what makes our love complete. Romance keeps the relationship strong and maintains the strength of relationships. Every girl loves romance and they like it even if it is silly.girlfriend-romance

Showing your romantic side is a sign of love for which you are putting efforts. Doing romantic things must not be expensive but it needs courage. Here are some of the best tips to increase your romance with your girlfriend.

1. Surprise
Girls love surprises, but only some people put efforts in arranging something surprising for their girlfriends. Always being predictable and boring brings the lack of surprises in the relationships. Arranging a good surprise may need some effort but it worth doing. Random gifts are taken into the account of surprises and it doesn’t need a lot of money. Buy her a dress or movie tickets to watch together and you will be close to her heart.

2. Give Meaningful Gifts 
Every man who has money can give expensive gifts to their girlfriend, but a true caring boyfriend can give them what none of other people can give. Single beautiful rose, handwritten poems, cooking her favorite dishes are the gifts which women can relate with their loved once only. These things can show up your romantic side and show that you care for her.

3. Compliment Her 
Compliment here doesn’t mean what every guy do with their girls in starting of relationship, it accounts for the unique compliments which can make your girl’s day. Mention her personality qualities, this will tell her that you value her and she will feel closer to you than anyone else. Mention her if she got a new haircut or color. If she has certain look which makes you feel good and worthy, mention it to her.

4. Unexpected Messaging 
Messaging is what we do a lot in the initiation of a relationship but as time goes we no more send those flirty messages. You should put some efforts in forming an attractive message and send her when she is not expecting it. You are on her radar, girls love these little efforts and it can melt their hearts in no time, you can do it after fighting too.

5. Ask Questions 
Same as messaging our questions become lesser and lesser with time. Show her that you are genuinely interested in her by asking her questions about her day, about her family, something interesting you can relate with. Genuine curiosity and reliability are what needed to make a relationship worth.

6. Play with Her Hair
Girls like when somebody plays with their hair. For girls hair is very important part of their body, they need to put a lot of efforts in making them beautiful. It relaxes them when somebody plays with their hair. You can do it when you are watching a movie, sitting or just laying with each other.

7. Give Her Massage
Girls like when their boyfriend put efforts in comforting them. Give her a massage when she comes tired from work or study or just relaxing on holiday. Get some oil and give her back and leg massage.

8. Take a Day Off
Women always complain that their husband or boyfriend is always busy with their work. Taking a day for spending it all with her, increases their expectations and she will love you more for this.

9. Make some Rituals 
Make some rituals in your relationship like going to a park or some other new places once in every week, texting her good morning every morning or calling her once for some time. It will make you closer to her.

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