What Girlfriend Wants from Boyfriend?

Everybody have expectations. Most of the relationships start from expectations, and if we are talking about girlfriends they have a lot to expect from their boyfriends. Everybody can`t be a good boyfriend. Being a good boyfriend is not hard as it seems to be unless you know some facts about what to do in typical situations or generally in life.girlfriend-want

Being a good boyfriend need a lot of adaptations and compromise. According to facts and study, boys gain more friends after being in a relationship while girls lose their friends. So boys need to understand that the girl is losing her girlfriends so she needs more time and affection from her man. Sometimes it is necessary to give them their private time also. Here are some little but five useful methods through which you can be categorized as a good boyfriend.

1. Honesty 
Nobody wants to feel insecure about their relationships. Feeling of insecurities is reason for behavioral changes and feeling stressed, depressed. Everybody have the past and we have to accept it. Everybody have past relationships but when you are in a relationship you should understand the sensitiveness of those topics. Talking about your ex and your expectations with your future girlfriend is not comfortable for a girl, anyhow.

2. Contribution 
Your contribution with her means a lot to her. You should equally contribute to her like messages between you two. Being too quiet can be an indication that you are losing interest in her. They can also misunderstand it as you are self-obsessed or dominating personality. There are low and high in everybody but your aim should be of balancing between you and your girlfriend.

3. Compromise and support 
Learning to compromise will always give you an upper hand in handling your relationships. You should understand things which you can leave. It is not necessary to win every fight with your better half. Better is to do things which make her happy. If she is happy you don`t need to fight. Girls compromise a lot to make you happy then why can`t you. Letting her win is taken as a real man quality. Support her in her hard times. You can cook food for her when she is ill or busy somewhere. Help her when she is having exams. Massaging her if she is not feeling well can you bigger presents in your future.

4. Showing your love, affection and expressions 
Let her knew that you noticed her new haircut and dresses. Telling her she looks beautiful when she wakes up is a compliment which can melt every girl’s heart. Expressing your love towards her create magic. Little touches, kisses, hugs are display of affection and every girl love. Saying `I missed you` when she comes back from somewhere will not let her forget you.

5. Gifts 
Gifts are the physical demonstrations of your love. They can come into any shape, cheap or expensive. She will appreciate gifts at every moment. Don`t forget to shower her on special occasions. Be creative with your gifts.

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