What Girls Like

Girls are called very complicated organisms. They can be happy about the same thing as well as sad about the thing. Well, it is just because they are created so, they have very high mood swings because of which they behave differently in different situations.girls-beautiful

However there are some things which most of the girls like and they are listed below-

1. They like compliments, every girl like compliments. Be sure that the compliment is genuine and unique. Normal compliments are passed by most of the guys you can be different bypassing unique compliment which suits her.

2. Girls like surprises, surprises can change their mood very easily. You can surprise her on some special occasions. Girls like gifts it doesn`t mean that they like material things, but because by giving a gift you are showing that you are caring and they like someone if they take care of her.

3. They don`t like to say everything that they want, but they will give you hints. A boy`s work to understand those hints and work according to it. They love when someone gets their hints.

4. They like holding hands if she is in with relationship; they want their boyfriends to hold their hands everywhere they go.

5. Girls like boys who can protect them. Make her feel protective with you all the time and they will trust you. Be protective of her in a relationship too, but not too much, show them that you care for them.

6. Girls don`t like too flirty guys. Yeah, they can be an attractive nut for falling in love girls need someone whom they can trust Flirting with many girls show that you are not one woman man.

7. They enjoy the moment when you show that you are proud of them. Introducing her to your family and friends as a girlfriend can make her fall for you again.

8. Girls like romantic guys; romantic guys act very coolly around them. They don`t need perfect time, they create perfect moments. Doing awkward things when you two are alone makes the bonding stronger.

9. They feel special when you remember something important which she said once in a conversation and bring that later. It means that you truly listening to her.

10. Giving time to someone is the greatest gift you can give to someone, girls like when you make time for her. Don`t make her feel that she is taken for granted.

11. Be interesting, girls like interesting guys. Do something different from the entire crowd. Everybody can be interesting with little efforts in their personality.

12. Hug her for no reason. Girls like cuddling and hugging more than you think. Surprise her with hugs and kisses. These random things are one of best things for her.

13. Do the little things together they will appreciate you. Little things include watching movies, cooking, doing assignments, going somewhere or something related to your job.

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