Why Girls are better than Boys :10 Things that make Girls Better


In earlier times men always seemed to be superior in every way in this world, they were a symbol of power, strength, dominance and girls were meant to sit at home and serve their family cook food and take care of children, but now the world has changed. Women are overtaking men in most of the fields whether it is study, sports or other activities, they are ruling over the world, over the men.

Girls have been always an interesting topic to talk, here are some examples, how girls are better than boys…

1. Multitasking 
Scientifically and practically proven, yeah girl`s brain are designed for multitasking without doing any mistake, so at one time they can prepare breakfast, talk to you and answer someone on telephone also, these are just normal things, they tend to do even complicated things in that manner. And, men…. ahaha

2. Communication masters 
Women are masters in talking, they can talk to everyone, it is easy for them to talk on every matter, they have a lot of talk about, they are very sociable and can use their brain in talking with bus drivers, shopkeepers, boys and most of everyone, and we owe that to women.

3. Psychologically advanced 
Mothers can tell why their child is crying, they can smell lies, and they can easily smell if their husband is cheating on them or someone of their relative is ill or something bad has happened.


4. Women are more sensual than men 
Women can sense a little difference in everything whether it is a slight change in color or position of their favorite things. They can feel the difference if there is a change in your way of talking or your relationship is not going as the way it was.

5. Women are smarter 
According to of the study of IQs test women are placed on top of the list, this test was conducted in most of the countries and the women who live in U.S.A, Europe, Canada, New Zealand they are found to have more IQ than the men there.

6. They learn better than men 
Girls have always proven that they can concentrate better on their goals along with other things in their lives, which make them good reader and that`s why novel books are more read by women than men. Girls learn faster. They are more apt to plan ahead, set goals and then work hard for achieving their goals.

7. Women are cleaner than men 
Men`s workplaces and living rooms are 10-20% dirtier than women workplaces and living rooms, girls like to clean their surroundings and they are more hygienic.

8. They can complete even most boring work in this world 
For men, it is very necessary to have some appreciation or encourage at earlier stages to do something while women can complete any work if they have to or when time comes.

9. They have better memory 
Women naturally have a better sense of memory than men. A woman can remember her dates, first meet, and meetings later on more precisely and accurately like it is happening in front of her. They save their memories for their future. Remember old `Rose` from the movie `Titanic`….

10. Women can handle stress and pain better than men 
Women perform better in interviews and stresses by keeping calm in hard situations, their brain secrete more oxytocin. They can tolerate the pain of childbirth, which is one of most painful work.

Women are stronger than we see, more evolved. They bring us in this world, having patience for nine months is not an easy task, they make us better. A house is not a home until there is woman…….

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