12 Things Girls Don’t Like

There are some things which most of the human beings don’t like, same as that some things which only girls don’t like.girl

If you are doing any of the things listed below, you are doing it wrong, try to change yourself and your habits, for getting more girls to like you

1. Staying in Past and Your Ex’s Memory 
Staying in past is very irritating and also makes yourself boring. Overcome your past and live your current life happily. Overcome your ex-girlfriends. Girls don’t like when guys talk about their ex- girlfriends or the girls they loved. Before dating new girls, you should be over from the past one.

2. Comparing Girl with Other 
Girls will hate you if you try to compare their ability or their look with another girl. Never ever compare your girlfriend with any of the other women. Every girl is unique in herself and comparing doesn’t make them happy. Let her be what she is.

3. Forcing a Girl to talk 
If a girl is not talking too much, she is not feeling good. Don’t force her to talk with you. It is a big turn off. Sometimes girls want to have some lonely time. They have frequent mood swings.

4. Repeating Mistakes
Some girls can forgive too easily. If you have made a mistake try not to repeat it again. Don’t take advantages of her forgiveness; you may lose your chance forever.

5. Telling Lie to a Woman
They are too sensitive in this matter, they have their sixth sense which can tell if you are telling a lie or not. Often in front of you, she doesn’t tell but actions speak more than the words.

6. Not Trust your Girlfriend 
If you are feeling her trustable then at least show her that you trust her. You can make a girl mad by not trusting her when she is honest.

7. Talk about others whom She Hates 
If your girlfriend hates someone, don’t ever talk about them. They hate them and it’s done. You are there for making her feel great, don’t let anyone make your girlfriend feel bad.

8. Making Fun 
If you are her boyfriend, you should know that she doesn’t like when someone other makes fun of you. You should also not let someone make fun of her.

9. Ignoring your Girlfriend
Ignorance means you don’t like her and it can have very serious effects on your relationship. Nobody likes to be ignored, especially when you are a part of their life. .

10. Stopping Her do What she Wants
Stopping them from doing what they love to do or what they want to do can increase their dislike for you.

11. Not Caring about Her feelings 
Most of the times when they say it, they mean it. They can be very much attached to their parents; any words against them can make her off. They value their boyfriends a lot and you should value them too. Make their value worth.

12. Keeping secret 
No matter how much you are keeping secrets, she will know all of them because you are not smarter than them. It is better to tell her everything than keeping secrets.

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