What Girls find Attractive in Men

Half of the human on this earth are girls who have their own choices, own way, of choosing and being with the type of men they want to be. But there are some universal measures which can apply in most of them and can work as cream on the cake. Here are some of them enumerated.girls-like-in-men

1. Smile – smiling makes the most attractive faces in the world, people choose to be with smiling people as it indicates the positivity and good life. People who smile more often are kinder and more creative than people with serious faces.

2. The sense of humor – girls usually talk much more than the guys do, but they like to be with the guys who can make them stop talking and can make them smile and giggle with their humor. Humor is one of the most wanted and attractive quality in both men and women.

3. Appearance – there are some people who say appearance doesn’t matter but no one falls for you at first sight with your personality. Personality is an interior thing which comes when we know that person but it all starts with a good face. A well-groomed face is more attractive. Everybody has a different scale for appearance.

4. Intelligence – no one like to be with a person who is stupid. Brains with knowledge are more attractive than dumb ones. Intelligence can be a sign for a good future.

5. Confidence – a guy should be secure and sure of himself, while guys with insecurities are short-tempered and have more doubts and misunderstandings are less loved. A confident guy like himself and have a high self-esteem and loved by girls.

6. One who respects other – people who have self-respect never disrespect other people. This is something which can apply to everyone, everyone prefers to live with respect and obviously, they like to choose people who can give them that. Respect is admiring, and girls love to be admired.

7. Hard worker – hard working always pay, who like a sloth. People who are hard worker have very different personality and they give importance to things in life. Hard workers are often faithful to their mates.

8. Guys with ambition – ambitious guys know what they want from their life and they have their future prospects with them, which girls absolutely love. A man with ambition, passion, and goals can be something fancy to be reckoned on, who is going to be respected going to some place in his life and who is interesting.

9. Responsible – a guy with responsibility can make a girl feel secure around him. A responsible guy never runs from the problems instead they got and solve them or try to find a way. Responsibility is also a sign of power. Greater powers come with greater responsibilities.

10. Romantic and sensitive guys – romantic guys often have something great to do with their girlfriend and they always find a way to make their girlfriends wow. Sensitivity can make your bond stronger.

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