What Girls Like to Hear?

Girls are a very complicated creature to know about. Every girl has different perspectives to see and value things which basically depend on what was her history.girl-like

But also there are some similar characters which are common for every girl. It is said that boys usually love from eyes but in the case of women, they love with their ears. If a man has right things to say to a woman at the right time he is the one who is winning. On this big blue planet everybody is known by their speaking, relationships begin and end with how you speak. A person who can attract others by their speech can have most powerful magic to hypnotize. When it comes to girls they want to feel special with their men. By saying right things you can take a special place in their hearts. So, here are some things which a man should never forget to say to his lady-

1. Women believe in fairy tales. Saying “You are my one and only” makes them feel great. They want to know about their place in your life. Saying exactly these 6 letters can make them blush, smile and feel like a different world. This also ensures her that you are very serious about her and she will feel secure with you.

2. “Can I help you”? It is a perfect combination of relief for a girl if she is doing something hard. Even if they don`t need your help or even you are clueless about what she is doing, saying these words can boost them and believe me a girl can do anything in this world if she has someone who takes care of her.

3. Men can solve some problems better than women. But you should show it. When she has done any mistake say “let me see it” or ” let me take care of it”. These words can win their hearts.

4. Asking them to help you. When you ask opinion from them, it makes them think that they are smart, and you respect them for their intellectuality. Everybody wants to hear that they are smart.

5. “I want to know more about you” shows your interest in them and also you take them seriously. You can say it when she tells about their hobbies, new job or her family or anything else.

6. “I am very proud of you” it indicates that you support them in their career or work they are doing. It also shows your respectful behavior towards their goals or what they have achieved till now

7. Sometimes it`s better to keep silence. Sometimes girls only want you to hear. When they share their problems or sharing what happened with them, how they spend their day, then it is better to keep quite than saying anything.

In nutshell don`t speak much but speaking right things is the real magic.

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