How to be a Good Mother

Mother is the role model for their kids. Every mother has a question in her mind whether she is a good mother or not? Child behavior shows mother’s way of upbringing, so she tries to teach her child every good thing. Every mother wants to see her children happy and successful. She does everything to be a good mother like many sacrifices, not sleeping in the night, earning more, everything she can do.good-mother

Here we have some useful tips to be a great mother-

1. Be patient 
Parenting teaches you patience if you don’t have. If your child makes mess by spoiling your carpet or spilling cookies, try not to shout or lower your voice while shouting. Try to keep calm and set yourself as an example for your children.

2. You are the best 
Don’t try to become the mom like mothers from movies or TV serials. You are doing everything good which you can do for your child’s betterment. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You may think that your efforts are not fulfilling the demands of your kids, never think this you are doing everything you can do to fulfill your kid’s essential demands.

3. Communicate with them 
Make a relation of your with your child in which he doesn’t hesitate to share his/her feeling with you. Be available at the time when your child needs you.

4. Listen 
If your child is concerned or tensed about something then listen to her/him carefully. Sometimes you don’t listen because you’re doing some work and just say yes I am listening; it’s better to spend 5 minutes with them and concentrating what they what’s to say. Give your views and opinions after they finish talking.

5. Communication 
Try to spend some time with your child at the end of the day. Play video games, outdoor games, listen to their music. Try to communicate with them by involving in their interests, hatred, love, thoughts. If you have more than 1 kid, talk to them individually sometimes.

6. Motivate them 
Motivate and support them in their works and interests. Encourage them to do what they love to do. Help them in completing their homework and projects. Praise them if they achieve something good. If your child fails in something then motivate him to do better next time, try to make him feel that he did his best. Motivate him to do best next time.

7. Gifts 
Surprise them once in a while by gifts they were in need of. Don’t spend lots of money on giving everything he wants. Learn to say no sometimes and don’t feel guilty about it. Give something big gifts rarely or on their birthdays.
Don’t doubt yourself; you are already a very good mom.

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